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  1. Secret to Saving 80% on Designer Brands



    Looking to save up to 80% off designer brands like Michael Kors and Coach? Now, if you aren’t familiar with Tophatter, it’s basically a Live Auction website. No, it isn’t like eBay where you get to bid on things that take days to finish - it’s more like a real auction where the item is presented to you and brought up within just a few minutes - sometimes seconds.

     ”Lots” come up, the little mustached guy at the podium tells you a little bit about the item - What price it is starting at, how much it is worth (retail), and where it can shipped and for how much. You can click on the item to get details about it, as well as extra photos. You can place a bid on the item, which is usually in increments of $1 to start, and the increments get a little bigger as the bidding progresses. If people stop bidding, it’s basically “Going once, going twice, sold!”. Just like a real auction, whomever places the last bid will win.

     It doesn’t seem to matter what day it is, there are usually quite a few people in the Auctions. Sometimes there are a few auctions at once – Jewelry and Fashion seems to be the most popular. In the Auction room, crowds can range from just 50 to over 200. There have been some pretty fierce battles over certain items, and there have been times where people just didn’t budge and things were just flying off the shelves to single bidders for only $2 - $5.

    Tophatter is also totally free. There are no hidden costs, fees or tricks involved. Just join, bid, and pay if you win an item — that’s it! You pay only for the item and shipping, if required; shipping is sometimes free, and sellers often throw in a bonus gift or free deal with your purchase.

    Click here to see all the great deals at Tophatter right now.


  2. FREE Note Cards and Thank You Cards!

    Note Cards

    These note cards were made so you can send them to your buyers through the Tophatter inbox when their item has shipped.


    1. Find the one you want to use  

    2. Click the link underneath it and it will take you to the picture on photobucket.

    3. Click on the HTML field as shown in the example below and it will automatically copy the code.

    4. Get your Tophatter inbox ready to message your buyer

    5. Paste the code into the message box. It will initially only show the code, but the recipient will see the image. After you send it and go back to look at your message, you will also see the image. 


    The picture above shows where the HTML information is that you will want to copy after clicking the link below the picture you want.


    Note Card 1


    Note Card 2


    Notecard 3


    Note Card 4


    Note Card 5


    Note Card 6


    Note Card 7


    Note Card 8


    Note Card 9


    Note Card 10

    Note Card 11

    Note Card 12

    Thank You Cards

    These are quad fold thank you cards that you can print out and send along with the item to your buyer. We included both color and black/white options in case you are conserving ink or don’t have a color printer. They’ve been left blank so you can write in your personal note.


    1. Find the one you want

    2. Click on the link underneath it and it will open the picture in a new window

    3. Right click the image and click Save Image As… to save it to your computer! You may want to save it directly to the desktop so you don’t lose it.

    4. Open it from your computer and print it out. Don’t try printing it out from the webpage as the formatting will be off so it won’t print out right for a quad fold card.


    Thank You 1C


    Thank You 1BW


    Thank You 2C


    Thank you 2BW


    Thank You 3C


    Thank You 3BW


    Thank You 4C


    Thank You 4BW


    Thank You 5C


    Thank You5BW


    Thank You 6C


    Thank You 6BW


    Thank You 7C


    Thank You 7BW


    Thank You 8C


    Thank You 8BW


    Thank You 9C


    Thank You 9BW


    Thank You 10C


    Thank You 10BW

    Thank You 11C

    Thank You 11BW

    Thank You 12C

    Thank You12BW


  3. How to Resize and Crop Pictures

    In case you’re confused about how to resize pictures or how to crop them, here’s a tutorial!  Below is how to do it in Preview (for mac) and Paint (for PC).

    First, some sizing tips

    1. Images must be at least 500 x 480 pixels. This is the minimum size.

    2. Bigger is better! The bigger your picture, the more clear it will be. But please see tip 3 below.

    3. Don’t size up if at all possible, it will be blurry. Find a bigger picture or your listing could be flagged for removal for poor picture quality.  If you only have a picture that’s smaller than 500x480, there is a way to make it bigger without it getting too blurry. Instructions for this are at the bottom of this post for mac and within the resize instructions for PC.

    How to Resize an image in Preview (for mac)

    1. Double click on your image, it will automatically open in Preview.

    2. Click on the Tools tab at the top and click Adjust Size…


    2. After you click on Adjust Size, you will be able to fill in the pixel size and click ok. *NOTE: Make sure the little lock is in between the Width and Height as pictured to make sure it stays proportionate.


    3. Click on File at the top left, then click save! :)

    How to Resize an image in Paint (for PC)

    1. Right click on the image and click Open With and choose paint.

    2. Click on the Image tab at the top and click Resize/Skew.


    3. Adjust the Horizontal and Vertical percentages under Resize up (to make the image bigger) or down (to make it smaller). Remember, bigger is better but you don’t want it to get blurry.


    4. To check the image size at any time you can go to the Image tab at the top and click on Attributes… 


    5. Here you will then be able to see the Width and Height. Don’t adjust the size from here! You will only make the canvas bigger or smaller, not the image, it will just cut your image or add white space. *NOTE: The image here would be too small, since the Width is appropriate but the Height is smaller than 480 pixels.


    How to Crop in Paint (for PC)

    1. Right click on your image and click Open With and click on paint.

    2. Create a square over the image where you want to crop it. This option is on the left tool column, at the very top right.


    3. Click on the Image tab at the top and click on Crop. Don’t try to crop before you create the square, it will be greyed out and unusable.


    4. You will then have a cropped image. Click on the File tab at the top and click on Save.


    How to Crop in Preview (for mac)

    1. Double click on your image, it will automatically open in Preview.

    2. Click on the picture and drag the box out to where you want to crop the picture.


    3. Click on the Tools tab on top and then click on crop.

    *Note, if you haven’t put the square cutout on the picture first, the crop tool will be greyed out and you can’t click it. You must first figure out the crop section, prior to choosing crop.


    4. Click on File tab in the top left and click on save. 

    How to Size an image up in Preview (for mac)

    1. Double click on your picture that’s smaller than 500x480 pixels and it will automatically open in Preview.

    2. Click on the Zoom + button and then drag the corner of the Preview App itself to make the canvas bigger.


    4. Take a screenshot (command+shift+4) This option will let you drag out a box and position it over what you would like to screenshot and auto save it to your desktop.

    5. You can then click on the Tools tab and go to resize image to see the new image dimensions. :)

    NOTE: If you take a screenshot that takes a picture of the entire screen (command+shift+3) then you can use the crop instructions above to just get the part you want to screenshot. However the above method is the easiest and fastest.


  4. The Monocle & Moustache turned 2 today! Here’s to making year two terrific.  Cheers!

    The Monocle & Moustache turned 2 today! Here’s to making year two terrific.  Cheers!

    (Source: assets)


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    Tags: tumblr birthday tumblr milestone

  5. Very Important Purchase Tips for Sellers

    We have many sellers that go the extra mile to make that exceptional experience for their buyers.  This encourages buyers to keep coming back and increases the likelihood they will leave positive feedback for the seller, which is why it’s a Very Important Purchase.  

    We gathered some tips regarding what creates a Very Important Purchase. Below is a list that will ensure you exceed your buyer expectations.


    • Hand Written Notes - Whether it’s a thank you note or an invoice of all items included, that extra touch let’s the buyer know you appreciate their business.
    • Premium Packaging - Maybe it’s some pretty tissue paper, or sparkles that explode when you open it,  or you put it in an adorable gift box or bag. It turns any item into a fun surprise! When it’s personalized, it shows you care.
    • Extra Gifts - A small token of appreciation goes a long way.  Buyers are more likely to return to the same seller if they feel appreciated and delighted by their experience.
    • Cultivate Trust - Including original photos will ensure the buyer they will get exactly what they saw in the listing! Items of good quality ensure they won’t be disappointed.
    • Be Professional - Before, during, and after the sale it’s imperative to provide outstanding customer service, regardless of how the buyer acts. Always keep your cool.
    • Communicate - Send the buyer a congratulations email, thank them for purchasing your product, inform them of your next steps (when you’re going to ship it, how long it may take to get there, etc.), ask how they liked their item, just knowing they’re being taken care of and don’t have to go hunting for information keeps their mind at ease regarding their purchase.
    • Be Kind - Everybody on Tophatter is a person that deserves respect. When you relate to your customers on a personal level it leaves a lasting impression and they will more than likely tell their friends, family, and fellow bidders about it. Common courtesy and a kind demeanor will help increase that positive feedback!
    • Leave Your Personal Issues at Home - Tophatter is unique in that it gives everybody an opportunity to chat and message other users. While communication with your buyers is very much encouraged, keep in mind they are your customers.  We all have issues in life but it’s important to stay professional and keep some things to yourself.  Any topics that may bring down what would be a positive experience for the buyer should be avoided.

    Keep this in mind when selling and you’re sure to get more positive feedback and even increase your sales.

    If you have additional tips, please share them below!


  6. Meet Jordan: The Electrician Magician!

    Jordan is the coolest kid in town and is always a blast to have around the office. He brings the best tunes & the biggest smile to wherever he goes!


    • Name: Jordan
    • What’s your title? I like to think of myself as The Electrician Magician at Tophatter!
    • Any pets? As of right now, no pets. I’m always on the go and don’t spend too much time at home. I’d love a dog when I have a little less of a random schedule. 
    • Favorite Tophatter auctioneer? Wendell has a cool mustache and a red bow tie, what’s not to like about the guy!
    • If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? I would like to have time control superpowers. Start, stop, pause, rewind, fast-forward, life’s little remote. :-)
    • My top 3 favorite non-Tophatter blogs would be: wineandbowties.com, Gawker.com, and Lifeandtimes.com
    • Hobbies? My hobbies are anything that involves the creative process. My hands-on-hobbies are music, photography, and some minor graphic design. My hands-off-hobbies are seeing live music, traveling to see new things, and meeting new people.  
    • My dream vacation would be a month long trip to Europe. I’d spend a week in Denmark, a week in Sweden, a week in Italy, and a week in France. (I’ve never been to Europe!)
    • Favorite guilty pleasure musician/band? I actually enjoy listening to “Hidden Beach: Unwrapped Series”  It’s basically instrumental versions of today and yesterday’s rap & hip-hop hits. A bunch of super talented jazz musicians remaking classic Hip-Hop records. But my DAD told me about it, so that’s why its my guilty pleasure. (Sorry, Dad!)
    • Could you go an entire week without phones, TV, and computers? If not, how long until withdrawal symptoms would set in? Which would you miss the most? I actually don’t watch that much TV, I’m not the best at checking my phone, and since I work on a computer all day, I really don’t want my extra time spent on a computer. So I’m sure I can go about a month without any TV, phone or computer access. I’d most definitely miss my computer the most! 
    Have more questions for Jordan? Ask below!


  7. Partner Profile: Alison Faye’s Deals & Steals

    Meet Alison Faye, the seller behind your fantastic deals on great Electronics & the creator of the upcoming Gaming Deals & Steals auction this Sunday, Nov 17 @ 11AM PT. 

    Her auction features items such as video game consoles, video games, console accessories, cables, chargers and lots more! 


    Alison Faye loves to bargain shop. Family & friends were mesmerized by her ability to find a great deal & soon flocked to her with shopping requests. She quickly realized there was a potential business model & could make a business out of it. She started slow by buying items at brick & mortar stores & selling them on Amazon.com. After a year later, Alison Faye was also selling on eBay and finding killer deals online too! Around this time, she started losing weight & wondered if she could “sell her old ‘fat clothes’, instead of just getting rid of them”. That’s when she also started dipping her toes into Poshmark. 

    Her journey on Tophatter started shortly after she saw an ad on Facebook for the mobile app. She quickly installed the app & realized she was “missing a whole niche of selling, the live auction”. She says “Tophatter gave me a new way to sell, the instant gratification way”. It offered a new place to focus her energy; she expanded her inventory & started selling in Electronics & also the Coach auctions. She explains that the thrill of an auction & the ability to talk about her items is what brings her most excitement, in addition to being able sell more variety.

    She’s been selling online for a year, but found Tophatter 5 months ago. Tophatter is now her flagship store where she does most of her business. Alison Faye also has her own website where customers can find her various stores. 

    Now, how did Alison Faye start selling Electronics in particular? Her full time job as a ‘Rocket Scientist’ has always inspired interest in Electronics. Plus, her iPhone is like an extension to her hand! But, when she saw that Tophatter was offering Electronics auctions, she saw items that *she* would want and quickly realized, “I could sell so many more things in here that I bet people would love!” 

    Her greatest joy is bringing customers items that they could truly find to be a great convenience. She explains, “my best selling items are not high cost items, but those things that truly make the customer’s life easier.”

    Not only does she love selling, but selling online offers great flexibility too. “I have a son with special needs so I needed a way to make a second job work without being out of the house, ” she explains. “Tophatter allows me to work during my free time. I can list my items at my leisure and schedule my items during the auctions that are during the times that I’m available to ‘talk them up’.” 


    I also asked Alison Faye to share some of her tricks of the trade & she explained that variety is key; “good sellers are constantly bringing new items to the auction.” While she finds it hard to come up with new items to sell, she tries to bring a minimum of one or two new items to the auction each week. Here are a few more of her selling ‘musts’:

    1. Be present for your auctions. “9 times out of 10, my item will sell for more if I’m on the block with my item.”
    2. Work with your customers on payments times. Sometimes things happen and customers can’t always pay right away. “Some people just need some kindness and leeway. It always pays off in the end.”
    3. Fill out your seller profile. “Be as descriptive as possible about your policies, including return policies, refund policies and shipment times.”
    4. Be unique! “It is tempting to sell the same items as other sellers, especially if you see that they are selling well, but selling the same items just brings down the point price and reduces everyone’s profit. Bringing new items to the auction increases customer interest and benefits everyone!”

    Spend your Sunday morning with Alison Faye & join the Electronics fun! Click here to set your reminders now. We’re super excited about Alison Faye’s introduction of new gaming products to the marketplace. 


    Partners are amazing individuals, brands or stores that bring their wonderful collections to the Tophatter marketplace. Partner Profiles are a great way to get to know them far beyond the items they sell.

    If you are interested in running a partner auction, please apply here.

  8. Meet Elizabeth: …the REAL Elizabeth Upton!

    • Name/What is your title/position? Elizabeth Upton aka The REAL Elizabeth Upton.
    • Do you have any pets? If so, how many and what kind? If not, why not? No pets, unless you count that family of dust bunnies living under my bed or my pet rock collection.


    • Who is your favorite Tophatter auctioneer? Why? The one with the giraffe. There’s one with a giraffe right? I mean you HAVE to be a stand up kind of guy to own a giraffe…
    • If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? I already have the ability to use my telepathic skills to make start-ups create online personas named after me, I feel any other additional super powers would put me at an unfair advantage to the rest of the common masses*.
    • When you DO have spare time, what are your hobbies? 
    1. I like rocks… I REALLY like rocks.
    2. Extreme dog grooming competitions
    3. Taming frogs
    4. *See top three websites*
    5. Baking delicious things
    6. Planning out my trip to Europe
    • What is your dream vacation? Europe! Never been, I hear they have cool rocks.
    • Could you go an entire week without phones, TV, and computers? If not, how long until withdrawal symptoms would set in? Which would you miss the most? A week without technology? Bring it on. A week without my rock hammer? NEVER!

    Have more questions for Elizabeth? Ask below!

    *Wondering what this is all about? Well, let us tell you! Elizabeth Upton was a lovely name that our team picked (at random) to use as a customer support persona. Little did we know, a few months later, the REAL Elizabeth Upton would walk into our doors and join the team. That’s right! We willed her into existence. Superpowas!


  9. Meet Susan: Fashion & Beauty Ops Extraordinaire!

    1. Name: Susan
    2. What is your title/position? S: Fashion/Beauty Operations Extraordinaire at Tophatter!
    3. Do you have any pets? If so, how many and what kind? S: If not, why not? No pets at the moment but love, love, love animals!
    4. Who is your favorite Tophatter auctioneer? Why? S: Felicity. She’s the doyenne of the auction house. The bids are off the charts when she’s at the helm!
    5. If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? S: I’ve been obsessed with Cheetahs since I was a kid, so being able to run as fast as they can would be my “superpower”. They are mesmerizing before, during and after the chase.
    6. What are your top 3 favorite non-Tophatter blogs/websites? S: The New York Times, The Onion and Myscaryhalloween.com, which is a friend’s blog on all things October 31.
    7. When you DO have spare time, what are your hobbies? S: Biking, jogging, hiking, sightseeing, reading and baking.
    8. What is your dream vacation? S: Rome is at the top of my list. It’s such a glorious city with an incredible array of museums and architectural scenes. Visiting Galleria Borghese, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Pantheon are at the top of my list.
    9. Who is your favorite guilty pleasure musician/band? S: I don’t know. I don’t feel guilty about any of the music that I listen to. I like what I like.
    10. Could you go an entire week without phones, TV, and computers? If not, how long until withdrawal symptoms would set in? Which would you miss the most? S: I can do without TVs and Computers, but I’d need a phone to call friends and family after several days.

    Have more questions for Susan? Ask below!

  10. Meet Charles or shall we say Sir Charles F Chuck-a-buck?

    Meet Charles…he is beyond weird. Follow along, if you can, and be thoroughly entertained!

    1) Name: Hello TopHatter community! My name is Sir Charles F Chuck-a-buck Alongi and I am a Mobile Application Support operator.

    2) Do you have pets? I have a few pets: a dog and a cat. Alba Mae, my rescued pup from Detroit, and Sir Nicholas Flamel, the top-cat philosopher from the rough and tough north neighborhoods of downtown Kalamazoo.

    3) Fave auctioneer? As for which auctioneer is my favorite, to not upset any of them, I will just say that I do not care much for all the chatter. What IS important to know is that the barn animals are taken care of. Usually myself and/or a couple of the engineers have to herd up the horses and pigs at the end of the night.

    4) If you could have a superpower, what would it be? All of the typical super powers would be great, such as being able to fly, superhuman strength, shooting lasers out of my eyeballs, or even being strong enough to save the World (in the event). But to me, the most valuable power would be an instant metabolism. To be able to eat anything and everything I want and never get full would just be phenomenal in my opinion. I enjoy food way too much.

    Oh, psst! This is Charles.

    5) Favorite online locations? As for favorite websites, I will just give a gracious thanks to three since most of my Internet use now are through mobile apps.

    • Google - for providing ever present, nearly infinite knowledge of anything and everything.
    • Stumble Upon Firefox browser add-on - for providing endless hours of new and mind-wandering web content.
    • Youtube - for video footage and sharing capabilities.

    6) When I DO have free time, I enjoy playing roller-hockey and saucing the biscuit, walking my dog, causing ruckus, trying to do Wayne State homework, cheering people on, drinking heavily, watching storms roll in, swimming, trying new things, eating, making electricity, eating, arguing, eating, urban and nature exploring, batting cages, spending money, celebrating, eating…

    7) A dream vacation of mine? Vacationing is a weird subject to me. There are issues of planning and budgeting, packing, and coming back. As much as I enjoy living out of a suitcase and experiencing new places, I enjoy and take pride in where I’ve come from and now reside and I don’t like schedules. Tourist traps anger me. If I were to vacation or take a holiday, I would bike from the east coast to the west coast with only a backpack. I would go to Tripoli such as my grandfather had and travel the same route through Europe as he did. I would take a boat from the African coast to Sicily, to Italy, walk across the country and through the mountains, and upon sitting on the highest peak looking out across Europe, make the simple rash choice of continuing ‘east’ or ‘west’. Of course, the Maldives are also a safe, simple answer as to where to vacation.

    8) My favorite guilty pleasure pertaining to music would have to be the crooner, man or (cute) woman, playing the piano. Well, the crooner and King Shae Media.

    9) There is no way I could go a week away from my computer and the Tophatter community! As for television and phone, I haven’t had cable in months and I can’t remember the last time I used more than a 100 minutes. My mother would have more of an issue with me not having a phone. Computers have made everything easier. When was the last time someone wrote a 50 page psychology paper by hand? Or needed to buy a CD tower or a photo album? Or needed to be clothed in order to shop?

    Have more questions for Charles? Ask below!

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