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How to Reduce Online Returns and Avoid Incident Fees

You can't run a successful online business unless you know how to handle customer returns. Shoppers trust eCommerce sellers to ship their products correctly and on time, but returns and exchanges are unavoidable. Why do Shoppers return products in the first place?

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How to Leverage Incident Fees to Improve the eCommerce Customer Experience

Empathizing with and responding quickly to poor customer experiences is the strongest way to build your reputation on any eCommerce marketplace. But what if there was a way you could improve your customer experience immediately and avoid customer complaints?

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How to Unlock the Free Shipping Formula

In a world where online shoppers are signing up for Amazon Prime simply for the free shipping, eCommerce merchants better listen up. This is a special edition of our Tophatter Seller Education Series.

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How to Choose the Next Best eCommerce Marketplace

Figuring out the best eCommerce platform to sell with is no easy feat. And choosing which online sales strategy to use is even harder. We're here to help with that. Let's take a closer look at eCommerce auctions, fixed-price platforms, and hybrid eCommerce marketplaces to give you a better sense of which eCommerce marketplace will help you scale your online business.

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It's Time to Update Your Product Descriptions

Break out of the box of conventional marketing. Product descriptions are your new secret weapon. Update yours now to build a brand voice, increase your conversions, and make you more competitive online.

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How to Maintain Your Profitability Formula

Are you using the best possible profitability strategy? Understanding gross profit margin and the other metrics of your profitability formula are key to capitalizing on revenue. Scroll through for this list of tips on how to improve your profitability.

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The 4 Best Online Image Compressors for eCommerce

Here's our shortlist of our favorite and affordable online image compression tools that will optimize your load times while keeping your online product catalog visually attractive for online customers.

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Earn Free Auction Schedules for Referring New Sellers

At Tophatter, seller referrals are special to us. Your recommendation is the highest compliment we can receive, and we want to make it great for you, too! For a limited time, you can earn free auction schedules just by referring sellers in your network. Here's how it works:

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Tophatter Gives New Sellers 30-Days to Try Selling Commision Free

Beginning April 15, Tophatter is giving new merchants 30 days to try selling with no commission. For one month, merchants can test the marketplace risk free! Tophatter brings the customers—over 30M of them—and merchants bring their products! Sign up by April 30 to qualify for commission-free selling up to $10,000 until May 20. 

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