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4 Ways to Drive More Sales with Optimized Product Listings

Are you looking for simple strategies to boost your online sales? While there are many ways to achieve that goal, one of the areas that many retailers overlook is product listing optimization. We refer to this as a product feed, which is the method of which your data is sent to the shopping channel or marketplace where you want your products listed

Advertisers may want their products listed on proven channels such as Google Shopping, Amazon, and auction sites such as Tophatter or eBay; yet many of them ignore a basic necessity that is critical to getting the best performance out of the campaign.

Implementing these four tips helps your product feed please the algorithms associated with the platform where your products are listed. Ticking the right boxes for the algorithm often leads to an increase in your campaigns performance with the goal of driving more sales.


1. Optimize Your Product Titles and Description

The most important thing that you can do is to make sure that all of your product titles contain attributes like brand, name, size, and color. Why? It's essential that you structure your product attributes similarly to the words and phrases that users are looking for on different platforms.

It's a very strong indicator of intent to purchase when shoppers include the attributes of "color" and "size" in their search. However, you don't want to just stuff your product description with random keywords. Be thoughtful and use relevant keywords that people are using in product searches.

For example, instead of your product title being "Air Jordan Shoes" a better optimized title would be "Nike Air Jordan Basketball Sneakers, Size 10 White."


2. Use Clean Data

You'll want to ensure that the existing product data that you use is clean. A feed management platform will get rid of white spaces, rogue HTML, and duplicates.


3. Regularly Update Your Data Feed

Evaluate your product feed on a regular basis and make updates as needed. Product prices change constantly, new products will be added in, and old ones will be discontinued. If you don't review and revise your product feed, then you are at risk of receiving feed errors or disapproval. With a feed management platform, you can set this up so that it automatically pulls data and updates your feed weekly, daily, or even hourly - as often as you deem necessary.


4. Use High-Quality Product Images

Regardless of the marketplace or platform, a good product photo is key. On websites like Tophatter, Facebook or Instagram, the image is the most important part of the ad. Advertisers use product images to tell a story and convey an emotion. Use a high-resolution image that is clear, not blurry. Products should be photographed against a plain white background.


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About the Author


Brian Roizen is the co-founder and chief architect of Feedonomics, a full-service feed optimization platform that optimizes product data for hundreds of channels. He has been featured on numerous podcasts and webinars, and regularly contributes to Search Engine Land and other industry-leading blogs. Brian graduated summa cum laude from UCLA with both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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