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All You Need to Know about Tophatter Payout Methods

eCommerce sellers can choose more than one way to be paid out on Tophatter. However, it's important to know that each payout method has different fees depending on where your eCommerce business is located, and many Tophatter payout methods are country dependent.

Which payout methods can I use on Tophatter?

  • Sellers in China use World First or Payoneer
  • Sellers in the United States use PayPal, Payoneer, or a bank account

We recommend that Tophatter sellers use Payoneer and connect their existing account to their Tophatter seller account. You won't need to create a new account, which makes it easy for our top sellers to set up their payout methods quickly.


How do I change my payout method?

Tophatter sellers can change their payout method to prevent holdups and correct payout issues.

If you're experiencing problems with your payout method, go to your Payouts page and click on Configure Payout Methods in the upper right corner as shown here:


From there, you will see which payout methods are available. In this example, Tophatter shows how to add a Payoneer or Paypal account. Your account may show World First:


Once you choose a payout method, submit your request for review. A member of our Tophatter team will then approve the change.

If you notice an error in a payout method you have added, please reach out to immediately. Tophatter Support is available to help you correct any payout issues.


Where can I download my payouts?

At Tophatter, sellers can download a CSV file of their payout. You have the choice of downloading your Upcoming Payouts and your Completed Payouts.

Download your Upcoming Payouts by navigating to the "Upcoming" tab and choosing "Download" in the bottom right corner, as shown here:

how to download my eCommerce payouts

The Upcoming Payouts CSV will not be completely up-to-date with your most recent sales, as they are not completed yet. You can refer to your Completed Payouts information to see all finalized sales, payouts, and fees.

Just go to your Completed Payouts page and click on "View" to download the payout info:



How do I read my Payout CSV?

Your payout CSV is a large spreadsheet file that may take a while to download, especially if you have a lot of sales. Wait a few minutes for it to complete downloading, and you will see a Payout information that looks like this:

eCommerce payout form

Your CSV groups sales and fees together by their Invoice ID. Fees are shown as negative amounts while credits and payments are shown as whole numbers.

Yes, there are fees for selling on Tophatter.

Fees are deducted before you are paid out, and they are listed on your Payout CSV so you can keep track of exactly how much you are spending.

Some fees sellers do NOT pay, including the Shipping Fee and the Buyer Fee. Other fees are agreed upon when you create a Tophatter seller account and schedule an item for auction.

These are all of the fees listed on your Payout CSV:

Tophatter fees on seller payouts


Are seller credits listed on my Payout CSV?

Yes they are! Seller credits are shown as whole numbers on your payout. You can see your total credit amount in the Summary section on your Payout page, shown here:

eCommerce payout credits

There are two types of credits Tophatter sellers are eligible for:

  • Postage Fee Credit: If a label you purchased from Tophatter is voided you will be credited the label fee back.
  • CourtesySellerCredits: These are any credits Tophatter or an Account Manager issues a seller.


Why did my payout fail on the completed page?

Payouts can fail when information is not typed in correctly or if the bank experiences issues processing the payout.

Payouts can also fail on Tophatter when you switch back and forth between payout methods. This leads to complications in receiving payouts successfully, so we suggest you avoid changing payout methods often.

PAYOUT TIP FOR CHINA SELLERS: Double-check your World First account. Make sure there are no Chinese Characters in the account information, otherwise it will fail, and your payout will be delayed.


If you see that a payout has failed please reach out to Tophatter Support so we may help you correct the issue.


We admit that our Payout CSV is not the most user-friendly thing to read right now. It contains a lot of crucial information, so we're currently working on updating it to better suit our sellers' needs by making it clearer and easier to understand.

We encourage sellers to contact Tophatter Support with any questions about their payouts, and our team will be able to help.

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