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The 4 Best Online Image Compressors for eCommerce

Here's our shortlist of our favorite and affordable online image compression tools that will optimize your load times while keeping your online product catalog visually attractive for online customers.


To get the most out of your eCommerce marketplace, your images need to be beautiful and eye-catching. Your product images are the first gate to draw in website visitors and convert them into paying eCommerce customers.

Unfortunately, high-quality images can take up a lot of disk space. Not to mention, they slow down your website. That's why you have to find an online image compressor that doesn't sacrifice the quality of your product images.


#1 Our Favorite (With a $5 Monthly Fee) offers more advanced controls to help you prevent the loss of image quality while maximizing file size reduction.


How does work?

  • You can use the "lossless" option to compress an image with zero loss in quality; or -
  • You can use the "lossy" option if you’re willing to sacrifice a 10 percent drop in quality in exchange for a further reduction in image size.

We tried it out on our own product shots. We used "lossless" on our JPGs and achieved an 11 percent reduction. With "lossy", we were able to reduce JPG file size by 70 precent.

We also tested the compression tools with our PNG images. We got 44 percent with "lossless" and 75 percent with "lossy" without sacrificing quality.


What does offer for free?

  • The ability to optimize JPG, GIF, and PNG files.
  • Free optimization of images up to 1 MB in size.


What will I unlock with a $5 subscription?

  • Optimization of larger photos
  • Uploading a list of photo URLs or zip photo archive
  • Downloading and optimizing all images on your website
  • Return of a group of converted images via a zip file
  • Advanced photo organization features
  • Image resizing tools
  • Cloud-storage options
  • WordPress plugin for easier use on your WordPress websites


Final notes on

This is, by far, the best online photo compressor. But to get the most out of, you should sign up for the $5 monthly subscription, especially if you're churning out a lot of optimized images for the web.

There are some great tools with to help you quickly upload, optimize, and organize massive amounts of photos, including the full benefit of lossless and large photo compression. At the end of the day, the $5 fee is worth it.


#2 JPEG Optimizer: Best for Free, Non-Bulk JPG Conversions

JPEG Optimizer is one of the easiest online photo compressors to use. If the only thing you want is image compression, this website offers image compression of up to 99 percent. With our tests, the default setting alone will help you reduce JPG file size by at least 66 percent.


What are some other features of JPEG Optimizer?

  • The ability to view EXIF information that shows the time and date the image was created and the make and model of the camera that took it.
  • Image resizing features.
  • Tools to add basic image effects like borders, captions, and shadows.


Final notes on JPEG Optimizer:

This is a great platform that offers simple, straightforward online photo optimization. If you need a quick, fast, and free solution for JPGs, and you're not dealing with bulk optimizations - this online image compressor is perfect for you.


3. Tiny PNG: Compress Up to 20 PNG Images at Once

Tiny PNG is another excellent tool for image compression. It's the perfect online tool for users who want an affordable solution - Tiny PNG is completely free!


Unlike Kraken, which limits non-paying customers to images of up to 1 MB, Tiny PNG lets you upload and optimize 20 images of up to 5 MB each at once. The paid version of the platform ($25 per user per year) lets you compress more and larger images.


What are the best features of Tiny PNG?

  • WordPress plug-in that makes the platform easier to integrate with your WordPress websites.
  • You can download files directly to Dropbox.


What happened when we used Tiny PNG?

We were able to reduce JPG file size by 32 percent and reduce our PNG images by 75 percent without losing too much quality.


Final notes on Tiny PNG:

Tiny PNG is best for merchants with Dropbox who just want to compress PNG files quickly and for free. It isn't as efficient at reducing JPG file size, and it doesn't offer any "lossless" decompression features, so you risk losing image quality if you compress too small.  


#4 Quickly Convert and Compress Different Image Types to JPG is a great online image compressor if you're dealing with a bunch of photos in different formats. This tool will get you from GIF, PNG, SVG, or PSD file to JPG in a snap.


What happened when we used

We used it to reduce JPG file size by 65 percent and PNGs by 11 percent with minimal quality loss.


What is’s #1 feature?

Our favorite features of are the ability to easily pull images from Dropbox and Google Drive and then return our optimized JPG files to a zip file.


Final thoughts on doesn't offer the image compression skills of Kraken or Tiny PNG, nor does it have a "lossless" compression setting. However, if you want to convert GIF, SVG, or PSD images into JPG format, this platform will get you there quickly and effectively.


Choose Your Favorite Online Image Compressor

Optimizing images for web is just one step in becoming a successful eCommerce merchant.

Want to learn more about running a successful eCommerce business?Read more articles on the Tophatter blog now.


Fascinated by emerging technologies and the laws and market trends that follow them, Jeremy Hillpot has a background in consumer-investor fraud litigation, marketing, and technology, which provides a unique perspective on a vast array of topics including eCommerce, website tech, investments, startups, cryptocurrencies, and the law. Contact Jeremy at

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