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How to Avoid INR Fees and Guarantee Your eCommerce Deliveries

Want to reduce the number of shipping related refunds and fees on your Tophatter seller account?

Take advantage of our last mile tracking! When you mark your order as shipped, you'll be given a tracking number that makes it easy for you to follow your orders and guarantee delivery. It's the easiest way to avoid Item Not Received (INR) fees and other Incident Fees.

INR Fees are charged to your seller account when a buyer claims that an item was not received. If we can track the eCommerce delivery through the last mile, we can prove whether the item was actually delivered or not.

guarantee eCommerce delivery

Without a tracking number, the buyer will likely be refunded and you will see an INR Fee show up on your account.

You may have noticed that Tophatter does not give out buyer phone numbers or any other buyer personal information. Tracking numbers are the only way to guarantee eCommerce delivery and avoid INR fees. As long as a buyer's address is valid, then there is no need for any further contact information.

However, your own phone number and/or email address should be used for any necessary customs forms. This is important if you are shipping internationally and want to make absolutely sure your orders are delivered in a timely fashion.


How can I avoid INR Fees?

Guaranteeing your orders are shipped on time and delivered are a key way for you to avoid INR fees.

To avoid INR fees, we recommend that sellers ship with reliable international carriers. We understand that shipping costs are skyrocketing right now across eCommerce marketplaces, so Tophatter provides a list of supported carriers.

eCommerce tracking numberThese carriers automatically generate scannable tracking numbers that are scanned and checked in at delivery. That way, if a buyer claims non-delivery, we can pull up the shipping and delivery record with our last mile tracking and resolve the issue easily.


Are you dropshipping? Ask your vendors and find out which carrier they're using. Be sure to tell them that you are choosing to dropship so you can get the right tracking number from the correct carrier.

Tophatter recommends that our US sellers choose to ship with full tracking. Shipping with full tracking covers you in cases where buyers claim they did not receive an item because we are able to verify delivery.


Shipping with Tophatter supported carriers is the only way to guarantee eCommerce delivery and avoid INR Fees.


For our international sellers whose shipping is disrupted by the COVID19 pandemic, we recommend switching to SF Express. Especially if you use ChinaEMS, SF Express is better able to guarantee eCommerce delivery at this time.


What if your preferred carrier is not on our list?

If you don't see your preferred carrier on our list, you can continue to use them at your own risk. Orders that are shipped with unsupported carriers are more likely to be refunded when buyers claim non-delivery. This will cost you in INR fees.


If you want to reduce your INR fees and guarantee eCommerce delivery, make sure you’re shipping with a carrier that Tophatter can support.


If the carrier you’re interested in using isn't available, please contact Tophatter Support via your seller account. We understand that shipping and delivery times can be frustrating, but DO NOT mark orders as shipped with an alternate carrier.


It is extremely important to mark orders as shipped with the carrier that was actually used to ship the item.


eCommerce shipmentFor example, if an order ships with China EMS but is marked as shipped with another carrier for any reason, the order will not update correctly and you will not be able to track the delivery. Without reliable tracking, you may end up paying INR fees and other Incident Fees.

Marking as shipped with alternate carriers is a fraudulent practice that will automatically result in refunds, Incident Fees, and other account constrictions.



How can you save money on shipping with Tophatter?

Choosing a reliable, supported carrier from our list might mean you have to spend a little bit more on shipping. But guaranteeing eCommerce delivery is the fastest way to becoming a reliable and recognized brand on Tophatter. Bottom line: tracked delivery means fewer refunds and fees for you, which will boost your profits.


save money on eCommerce shipping


Tophatter is monitoring deliveries daily, and we make adjustments to delivery time estimates as necessary. Be proactive and make sure you are using reliable carriers.

If you run into a shipping issue, contact Tophatter Seller Support as soon as possible so we can communicate delays to buyers and you can avoid INR Fees on your account.

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