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How to Get Paid Faster on Tophatter

How do I get paid faster on Tophatter?

The easy answer is to improve the customer's online journey.

Here are some strategies to improve eCommerce customer experience. These tips will improve your overall online business strategy and help you earn faster payment schedules on Tophatter.

On Tophatter, sellers get paid faster and more consistently when they provide a positive customer journey online.

customer journey online

The experience you provide a shopper on Tophatter is translated into your Incident Fee Rate, and the Incident Fee Rate controls the frequency of payout cycles.


What is an Incident Fee Rate?

Sellers are charged an Incident Fee for negative customer interactions. A seller's Incident Fee Rate is the calculation of the Incident Fees they have accrued over the past 30 days divided by their GTV over the past 30 days.

The most common Incidents on Tophatter are customer returns, but you can be charged an Incident Fee for any of the following actions that negatively impact the shopper experience:

online customer experience

Incident Fees are accrued whenever an order is charged a fee, such as a refund, as a result of one or more of these actions.


How can I reduce my Incident Fee Rate?

If you've recently been charged a Returns Fee, take a look at your Returns Page to see why the item was sent back. Use this feedback to improve your product listings and hopefully reduce the number of returns and Incident Fees on your seller account.

It's unfortunate, but nearly 600 million items are returned to eCommerce merchants every year.

That's why we equip our sellers with strategies that work to reduce online returns, maintain customer retention online, and earn faster payout cycles.

These are the two most impactful ways to reduce Incident Fees and receive a faster payout:

  1. Optimization isn't a guessing game, so test your products in small and targeted campaigns to determine the average selling price and shopper satisfaction. This way, items that generate a lot of Incident Fees from refunds or shopper complaints can be avoided.
  2. Ship with the most reliable tracking possible. If you need an effective strategy for dealing with online returns take action now and use carriers that support last-mile tracking.

We advise sellers to choose carriers with a proven track record of fast shipping to reduce Incident Fees. If a carrier starts to under-perform, it may be worthwhile to switch to another one.

Sellers can log into their accounts and check out the Disputes Page to view the shipping status of their products.

Sellers Remember! We have restrictions on when a shopper can open a dispute to allow for ample shipping time, but looking at this page regularly will keep you aware of which carriers aren't delivering and where to make positive changes for the overall customer experience.


How do I get paid faster on Tophatter?

Sellers on Tophatter can earn faster payout cycles by reducing the number of Incident Fees on their seller accounts. The lower a seller's Incident Fee Rate is, the more frequently they will receive a payout.

eCommerce sellers can also leverage their Tophatter Incident Fees to improve customer experience.

Not a seller yet? Create an account with us and learn how our discovery marketplace can change the way you look at eCommerce marketplaces.


Earn Faster Payout Cycles Now

Improving online customer experience and reducing your Incident Fee Rate is the only way to get paid faster on Tophatter. We value our shopper experience, and we want our sellers to succeed, so our team is available to help sellers make the most of our eCommerce platform.

If you're experiencing difficulties with carriers or wish to dispute an Incident Fee on your account, reach out to

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