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How to Mark an Order as Shipped on Tophatter

How to guarantee delivery from an eCommerce marketplace starts by marking each order as shipped. When you mark an order as shipped from your Tophatter seller account, it generates a tracking number.

Orders with tracking numbers require an acceptance scan upon delivery. This makes it possible to know with certainty if and when a customer receives their item.

Every Tophatter order is required to ship with a scannable tracking number to guarantee delivery.


How do you mark an order as shipped?

Tophatter offers three ways sellers can mark an order as shipped - a manual option for sellers who like a more hands-on approach to their online business, through our CSV Actions Page, and finally through your own seller API Integration.

Sellers Remember! It is extremely important to mark online orders as shipped in order to track their delivery and avoid Item Not Received (INR) Fees.


The Three Easiest Ways to Mark an Order as Shipped on Tophatter:


Option 1: How to Manually Mark an Order as Shipped

1. Log into your seller account and go to your "Orders" page.

There, on the left-hand side, you will see "Fulfill Order" as shown below:

how to mark an order as shipped

Once you've purchased full tracking from your preferred carrier, this is where you will enter the tracking number to mark an order as shipped.


2. Click on "Fulfill Order" to open a screen where you'll enter the tracking number and the carrier.

Each carrier will have its own specific and approved tracking number format. These approved tracking numbers might be automatically selected based on the tracking number you enter.

how to mark an order as shipped

Not sure which carrier to use? Take a look at our list of approved carriers.


3. You must purchase tracking for all orders.

Purchasing and printing the label will automatically mark the order as shipped.

If you're a US-based seller, an easy way to get tracking is by purchasing a USPS label from EasyPost, one of Tophatter's postage providers. Enter the information you see in the photo below, and our tool will generate the cost for you.

how to mark an order as shipped

 You aren't obligated to purchase an EasyPost label, but you must then purchase your own tracking from your preferred shipper for all orders.


Option 2: How to Mark Multiple Orders as Shipped with "CSV Actions" Page

1. Select "Fulfill Orders" from the list of CSV options.

We recommend downloading the template to reduce the likelihood of errors as it is very specific.

Open the CSV data file once it is downloaded, then make sure the template is organized into these three columns:

  • Order Id
  • Tracking Type
  • Tracking Number

The spelling and capitalization of these columns must be entered exactly, so make sure everything is spelled and typed correctly.


2. Add your carrier to the Tracking Type carrier.

You must have it match the carrier name from the drop menu on this page as seen here:

how to mark an order as shipped

Don't forget to check the Tracking Number column! Ensure it's correctly formatted as text. Otherwise, USPS and other long tracking numbers will be converted into a scientific notation.

For example, tracking number "400111699000578538912" would show up as "9.40011E+21" There is no way to track a package numbered this way or guarantee delivery, so check these numbers carefully.


3. Save your CSV and upload it to your account by choosing "Upload".


Option 3: How to Mark Order as Shipped with API Integration

1. In your seller account, go to your "Merchant API" tab.

You should have an API key—also called an access token—for your API service. Please note that we do not integrate with Shopify or other services.

Need help finding your access token? Learn how to use Tophatter Merchant API here.


2. Follow the parameters to mark your order as shipped as pictured below:

how to mark an order as shipped


Tophatter Recommends Always Marking an Order as Shipped

If you choose not to mark an order as shipped or don't use carriers that support scannable tracking numbers, then you can't guarantee delivery.

Without a tracking number, you could end up paying INR fees when a customer claims an item wasn’t delivered.

Reduce the number of fees on your seller account and earn faster payout cycles by marking orders as shipped from your Tophatter seller account.

Please contact seller support if you have any questions about tracking numbers or approved carriers. We are always here to help out our sellers.

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Cover photo: Bill Ward

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