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How to Leverage Incident Fees to Improve the eCommerce Customer Experience

Empathizing with and responding quickly to poor customer experiences is the strongest way to build your reputation on any eCommerce marketplace.

But what if there was a way you could improve your customer experience immediately and avoid customer complaints?

Tophatter's Incident Fees give you actionable information you can use to improve your customer experience right away.

Improving the eCommerce customer experience starts with understanding your customer’s expectations. With Tophatter, your Incident Fees breakdown page can tell you exactly where your customer's expectations were not met.

As a Tophatter Seller, you can directly see the Incident Fees you've received by each of your products. Just click on the "Incident Fees" link in purple here under the TOTAL FEES BREAKDOWN section of your account homepage.

This will take you to the Products tab of your Performance page, seen here:

improve customer experience

There is a column for each Incident Fee so you can see what product issues or customer experience issues are costing you. If the Incident Fee is purple, you can click on it to see more a deeper look.

tophatter incident report

All of this fee information is right at your fingertips, so you can fix issues that are costing you money.

Along with your Performance page, you can monitor products by:

  • Sales Fees (including commission and processing fees)
  • Average Selling Price (ASP)
  • Product Rating
  • Total number of orders

Take in all of these factors when determining the success of a product on Tophatter.

Remember, Tophatter is a product-forward marketplace. Some products perform well and others don't. Optimize for your well-performing products, but judge performance based on net profit by volume not by individual sale.


The Most Common Incident Fees on Tophatter

As you know, Incident Fees are the result of a poor customer experience from a seller. The most common negative experience customers report is inaccurate shipping times. For that, sellers are subject to Return Fees and Item Not Received (INR) Fees:

  • Return Fees can be viewed on your Returns Page, showing why the product was returned. This includes any explanation or images a customer provides.
  • INR Fees often result when items are not shipped on time. On the Disputes Page you can view the current shipping status of each order.

Tophatter has restrictions on when a buyer can open a shipping dispute. This gives you enough time for orders to be reasonably delivered so you can avoid fees like these.

Shoppers can also contact Buyer Support for other seller issues beyond shipping. To see why your customers may have had a poor experience, sellers can refer to the pie chart on your Incident Fee Breakdown Page.

tophatter incident fees

This provides a good insight into which areas can be improved upon. For example, updating product photos and descriptions can give customers a realistic expectation of what they're buying.


Top 3 Ways to Use Your Incident Fee Insights to Improve Customer Experience & Save Money

Improving eCommerce customer experience will help you avoid Incident Fees, but these Incident Fees can also teach you how to be a better seller on one of the best eCommerce platforms.

Here's how to improve customer experience and save money:
  1. If customers are reporting problems with your products, changing the product photos could clear up confusion. Product photos should have accurate dimensions, measurements, and feature images to tell a customer exactly what they're getting and improve the overall customer experience.
  2. If a product is resulting in a high number of returns, update your product listings to ensure that the description is as accurate as possible. You can use the Incident insight to see why customers have an issue with certain SKUs and update product descriptions accordingly. Tophatter provides free product description templates to get you started.
  3. If shipping is your biggest customer complaint, consider changing carriers. Tophatter provides a list of recommended carriers available in multiple countries, and we strongly recommend sellers use a recommended carrier because of their successful fulfillment ratios.
Top Seller Insider Tip: US sellers are required to provided shoppers with full tracking so they are always aware of when their products will be arriving without contacting Buyer Support.

Mistakes are inevitable. You can't expect to be perfect on every eCommerce platform every time. But with these insights from Tophatter you can continue to improve and grow your business.

Log into your seller account now to take a look at your Incident Fees Breakdown Page and discover new ways to improve your customer experience on Tophatter.


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