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Upgrade Your eCommerce Strategy with Insider Tips from Tophatter's Top Sellers

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The world of eCommerce is evolving rapidly. If you want to stand out in the eCommerce marketplace, you need to start engaging with your customers in a brand new way.

The Tophatter Online Seller Education Series is bringing successful online selling strategies right to your inbox. We chatted with some of our best online sellers and asked them to share their secrets for success on Tophatter.


New to Tophatter? Create a seller account with us now and take some time to familiarize yourself with our platform and the need to know terms in our Tophatter Dictionary.


Now is the Perfect Time to Grow your eCommerce Business

Right now online traffic is on the rise. Vox reported that internet traffic increased by 18 percent at the beginning of 2020.

People are spending more time online, and Tophatter is a shopping destination that people like to spend time on.

Unlike other retailers, people spend time browsing and exploring Tophatter. This means your items attract more impressions without you spending more on advertising.


To help you harness the high traffic, we put together this list of the top three strategies to grow your online business during this eCommerce boom:

#1 People Want to Be Entertained

People may be spending more time online, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re spending more money. Whether you add new products to your inventory like essentials or continue selling your usual fare, taking advantage of Tophatter’s unique auction format will get your products seen.

At Tophatter, your products catch the eye of shoppers scrolling through the app. For Erin, one of our top sellers, this is her #1 reason for using our platform:

tophatter seller advice

Are you new to Tophatter Auctions or haven't found "what works" for you? It's time to test it out!

Test out and take advantage of our fast-paced auctions by logging into your seller account and testing a few items in an Auction Campaign

We encourage our sellers to play around with our eCommerce platform. It's akin to throwing pasta at the wall and seeing what sticks - you never know what you might learn! 

"Play around with it!" says Erin. "Some products work and some don't. You will, for the most part, learn what Tophatter customers are looking for."

Steve, a Tophatter seller who excels in our Collectibles Category, attested to this theory when we asked him to explain how to use Tophatter:

ecommerce quotes

The message here is - Don't Be Discouraged! Tophatter is designed to be a different kind of online auction, and your products may perform in a different kind of way. That's why it's important to test out different products to see how they perform at Auction.


After you've tested the waters with products, it’s time to move on to Step 2:

#2 Change Up Your Online Strategy

Ever since eBay launched in the mid-90s, online auctions have become a mainstay in eCommerce business strategies. Tophatter auctions are a fun, fast-paced twist on the traditional online auction, but remember that shoppers are always looking for more.

Here are three things sellers can do right now to adapt their online sales strategy:
  1. Package Products Well: A poor delivery experience increases returns and every seller knows returns are a huge hit on the bottom line. Spend a few extra cents to ensure your product will arrive in one piece and guarantee the shopper a good "unboxing experience."
  2. Offer free shipping. Studies show that customers are more likely to buy more when free shipping is offered. Learn how to unlock the free shipping formula here with more advice from our top sellers.
  3. Think Depth not Breadth: The best performing sellers on Tophatter found the products that work best in our unique format. Focus on finding products that work and then selling those products in volume.

For Erin, Free Shipping is her most successful strategy:

why offer free shipping online

These three tips are a quick way to change up your strategy, but if you're looking for more long-term changes to your online business strategy, check out Step #3:


#3 Learn New Skills to Boost Your Brand and Customer Experience

Successful online business owners already know that we're never too old to learn something new. A new set of skills is important, especially when it comes to sales and online marketing strategies.

The biggest skill Tophatter sellers are learning right now is how to take the right product shots. Erin recommends sellers add more than a white background to product images. Using a banner, adding a few words, and a symbol for Free Shipping, and you could see your items sell for more than double the average sale price.

"I've learned over the years that the photo the bidders see needs to catch their attention right away, " Erin explains. "If I list a knife with just a white background, it may only sell for a few dollars. Now, if I go back and add a background, a banner, minimal verbiage, and a symbol for Free Shipping - it will more than the double the average sale price."

Banners, symbols, and words all play in a role in how your products look on the Tophatter Feed. Take it from Steve too, who optimizes product listings as well as product shots:

ecommerce advice quotes


Are you worried about your product shots or ad copy? Don’t be!

Tophatter provides resources for you to run a successful online business and auction. Take advantage of free product listing templates, and learn how to optimize keywords in your product listings so you can attract new customers browsing for items you sell. 

Don't be afraid to test your online business strategies with Tophatter.

Free samples and free shipping are great places to start. And you can teach yourself a few key new skills on your own by taking advantage of the free resources we have right here on our Tophatter Seller Blog.


Stay tuned for more in our Tophatter Seller Education Series!

We will continue to bring you more of the best tried-and-true online sales strategies successful Tophatter sellers are using every day to help boost your reach and build your brand.

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Upgrade Your eCommerce Strategy with Insider Tips from Tophatter's Top Sellers

Ready for the inside scoop?

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