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Product Listing Optimization Tips from Tophatter

The Tophatter Support Team sees more complaints surrounding misleading images and incomplete product descriptions than anything else on our platform. It's these kinds of questions and complaints that can cost sellers in Incident Fees.

One of the easiest ways to improve the customer journey online is to improve your product listings.

Is product listing optimization really that easy?

Can eCommerce sellers really improve customer experience with a simple product description?

The answer is YES!

According to our top sellers, product listing optimization is the most successful strategy on Tophatter. Product titles and descriptions are what draw shoppers to your listing and inspires them to eventually bid on and buy your product.

If you want to give customers the best shopping experience online, use catchy titles and honest-to-life product descriptions that tell the customer exactly what they can expect from you. The better experience shoppers have bidding with you, the less likely you are to see Incident Fees on your Payout Schedule.

Remember, Tophatter charges Incident Fees for orders that result in a poor customer experience. You can minimize Incident Fees and maximize sales by optimizing your product listings with these quick and easy tips.


How to Improve Your Product Listings

This installment of the Tophatter Seller Education Series discusses product listing optimization and how to improve product listings with item variations, product photos, keyword-rich titles, and more.

Want to improve your product listings fast? Check out these Do's and Don'ts for online product listings first:

product listing do's and don'ts

Scroll down for more helpful tips on how to improve your product listings, and check out links for more of our Tophatter Education Series to help sellers optimize their eCommerce sales and avoid Incident Fees on Tophatter.


How to Improve Your Listings with New Product Types

1.8 billion customers are shopping online at any given time. This means many different types of shoppers are browsing your products on Tophatter.

Different shoppers are looking for different things. Spicing up your product listings with new product types will appeal to a wide variety of audiences. The trick is to appeal to as many buyers as possible all at once so you can maximize the most sales opportunities as possible!

Which products are the most popular with online shoppers right now?

Consider spoiling your shoppers with spa treatments they can do at home. Online beauty products like face masks, nail polish, fragrances, and more are at the top of everyone's shopping list.


How to Improve Your Listings with Multiple Variations

A variation is the different options buyers can select when paying. Once a shopper wins an auction, they can choose a color, pattern, size, etc. at final checkout. Offering multiple variations of a product will give you a better chance at a higher sell rate.

Sellers have many opportunities to describe the multiple variations of a product throughout a listing, including in the title, in the product description, and the product image. We recommend improving your product listings by offering multiple variations of your top-selling products first.

Check out how multiple variations look on this product listing for wallets in our Fashion & Beauty category:

ecommerce fashion category

Do be careful when choosing product images that offer multiple variations to customers. Only choose product images that honestly represent these variations. Do not show variations in images unless they are actually available at checkout.

Don't worry, offering multiple variations will not stress out your inventory management tools. Follow our advice here on how to manage eCommerce products by SKU so you can easily keep track of your online inventory.

Tophatter also provides a Product Upload CSV to help sellers manage their products and track sales. Sellers can also track shipping to stay on top of both their inventory management and customer experience.


How to Improve Your Listings with More Product Photos

Don't underestimate the power of images. Since auctions move very quickly on Tophatter—we're talking 90 seconds—it's important to capture the buyer's attention immediately and explain everything you can right there with the product image.

Use clear and concise product photos that show what the product is and how customers can use it. Images that show the product in use typically perform the best at auction. The more images you include the better.

And now—you can add GIFs to your listings! Use GIFs to explain how to use a product and show off its features in a fun and appealing way.

Don't hesitate if you need to upload multiple photos to showcase all of the variations of your product. Our top sellers upload at least 5 different images of their products to optimize their sales.

Four Quick Ways to Improve Product Images:

  1. Your product image must display the actual item being sold. Not a similar item, not a similar brand—THE actual product.
  2. Make sure the FIRST image in your list showcases what the buyer is actually bidding on. If your item comes with an accessory, make sure this is in the first image shoppers see.
  3. Use images that accurately represent the size of your product. In our Collectible Category, product photos with a sense of scale do best. For our Apparel Category, photos of products on models do best.
  4. Find the right online tools to compress and edit high-quality product images. Don't overly-enhance your product photo either. Use the best online image photo compressors to fit product photos into our requirements without sacrificing quality.


How to Improve Your Listings with the Free Shipping Formula

Products with low starting bids and free shipping tend to perform the best. Free shipping isn't a big deal when you’re consistently listing a high number of items.

If you can, start with the free shipping formula to attract customers to your listing. Our top sellers use $1 starting bids and free shipping to keep customers shopping longer.

If you can't offer free shipping, it's not the end of the world!

Choose the lowest shipping price and starting bid possible to give your product the best opportunity to perform. Remember, products with a shipping price of $3 or above will have a low sell rate.


Tophatter Product Listing Optimization Tips

Customer experience can really make or break your eCommerce sales. Our product listing optimization strategies will improve your customers' online shopping experience by giving them clear expectations when it comes to your products. 

You will have fewer customer questions and complaints and even less online customer returns when you improve your product listings with new photos and multiple variations. 

Are you ready to improve the online shopper experience? Log into your seller account now to update your product listings and maximize your eCommerce sales right here on the fastest-growing eCommerce marketplace on the web.

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