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How to Attract the Perfect Customer with Our Free Product Description Template

Selling on an eCommerce platform means you only have a few touchpoints to truly customize and connect with your customers. Your product descriptions are one of them. We have a free product description template to help you write creative product descriptions that attract return customers. 

If you aren’t using creative product descriptions to target your ideal costumer, you're missing out on one of the biggest touchpoints in eCommerce.

What does an attractive product description look like?

First, a good product description is more than just a summary of benefits and features. You have to get personal with your shoppers and give them a reason to trust your brand and use your product.

You want to write your production description in a language they understand. Be clear with details around special features and explain how they solve the problems your customers may have. 

Check out our free product listing template to help you write an attractive product description. It uses well-written prose and concise spec descriptions to attract customers.

Ready to get started? 

Great! Take a look at these quick tips -

Quick Tips for an Attractive Product Description

When you're writing a product description that converts, you have to answer a few key questions. Follow these best practices or risk missing out on crucial sales:

  • Have the product details and specifications ready.
  • Be able to identify how and where someone will use this product.
  • Understand the key benefits, not just specs of your product.
  • Know what your competitors are saying so you can say it better.
  • Be ready to talk about the key pain points and problems your customer is trying to solve.
  • Know who the product is for vs. who will be making the purchase decision - it's not always the same person.

Keep these best practices in mind when you start to write your product descriptions. Use this free, two-step template to start writing now.


Free Product Description Template


Step One: Write Prose


When writing a product description, think about the following questions. They will help shoppers quickly understand why your product is the best solution to their problems. 

  • Who is the product perfect for?
  • What are the target customers' pain points?
  • What are the benefits/pleasures your target customers can derive from your product?
  • What words evoke the specific feelings you want your customers to experience?
  • What makes your product different?

Inside Seller Tip: Think about those 5-star reviews you read online. What kind of product features and applications are customers praising in those reviews? Incorporate some of them into your own product description.


Product Description Template:

Are you a [insert target demographic] who [insert 2-3 pain-points]? We get it. That's why we created [insert product name]. Our [insert 2-3 descriptive words about product] makes it easy for you to [insert 1-2 benefits/pleasures your target customers can experience]. Unlike [insert descriptions of competing products without naming brands], our [insert product name + 1-2 things that make your product different and better].

Product Description Example:

Do you take the train every day and have to take your laptop, lunch, and accessories with you in a big, bulky backpack? We get it. That's why we created SleekBag. Our compact, commuter-size backpack makes it easy for you to carry all your belongings without feeling like you're in high school all over again. With convenient removable liners and pouches, you can create pockets for your keys, lip balm, and wallet. SleekBags are also made with a proprietary waterproof fabric that resists wear and tear and keeps your laptop and belongings free of water damage.


Step 2: Write Specs


Now it's time to write detailed product specs into your product descriptions. This gives shoppers a chance to imagine what the product will look like in their hands or in their home. Here are a few questions to address about the products your customers will be receiving:

  • What are your product dimensions?
  • What are the ingredients/materials used?
  • What colors, sizes, scents do you offer?
  • Are there any instructions for using the product?


Product Description Template:

[Insert product name] are proudly made from [insert ingredients/materials + sourcing, if you want to highlight a region]. The [product] is [length x width x depth + weight]. [Insert 1-2 sentences about the different colors, sizes, scents offered.

[Insert use/cleaning instructions.]

Product Description Example:

SleekBags are made from 70% nylon and 30% polyester and are 17" H x 11.5" W x 7" D. They can carry a 15" laptop plus a slim, rectangular lunch box (see our SleekBoxes — waterproof BPA-free lunch boxes that can sit snugly in our SleekBags), keys, wallet, a book, and more. Our products are gender-neutral and come in a variety of colors: charcoal, black, navy blue, beige, and a limited-edition ochre.

To clean SleekBag, use a damp cool cloth and let air dry.


Sell Better Online With Our Product Description Template

Connect with your customers on a personal level with an attractive product description. The more you learn about them, the better your product descriptions will be at attracting return customers. Practice writing product descriptions right now with these free templates, and you'll quickly find every product description writes itself.



Michelle Lievense is a long-time business and marketing consultant who enjoys helping businesses and brands, particularly through her writing, craft and implement successful business strategies. When she isn't tapping her keyboard, she's hiking the Colorado Rocky Mountains with her dog, snuggling next to her cat with a favorite book, volunteering, skiing, or scuba diving.



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