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Earn Free Auction Schedules for Referring New Sellers

At Tophatter, seller referrals are special to us. Your recommendation is the highest compliment we can receive, and we want to make it great for you, too! For a limited time, you can earn free auction schedules just by referring sellers in your network. Here's how it works:

You earn rewards based on the number of sellers you refer. To get started, create your own registration link (more on this below). And share the link with qualified sellers you are connected to. 

Huge Referral Rewards

Share your unique link with sellers in your network that have not tried Tophatter before, and you both get rewarded. Both you and the seller who becomes a qualified referral earn $200 in free Scheduling Fees. If you refer more than 20 new sellers, your bonuses get even bigger.

  • If you refer, 1-20 sellers you earn $200 in scheduling fees for each qualified referral 
  • If you refer, 21-40 sellers you still earn $200 in scheduling fees per qualified referral and you can earn an additional $300 in scheduling fees for each referred seller that reaches a minimum of $10k in sales within their first 90 days
  • If you refer more than 40 sellers, you will receive $500 in scheduling fees for each referred seller that reaches a minimum of $10k in sales within their first 90 days—in addition to $200 in scheduling fees per qualified seller

How to Create Your Unique Referral Link 

Creating your own registration source link is easy. Take the URL template below and replace “id” after the equal sign with your Tophatter seller id, with no spaces. Referrals must sign up via your unique link, so we can track them to your account.



How to find your seller id: Login to your seller account and navigate to Merchant API under Seller Tools. Copy your seller id. View this quick video for more details.

What's a Qualified Referral? 

To qualify as a referral, the new seller must complete the following three steps:

  1. Create a seller account using your unique referral link, and list at least one product in an Auction Campaign
  2. Participate in an introduction call with a member of our Onboarding Team. They can set up a call here 
  3. Generate sales for a minimum of 30 days from registration

When your referral completes all three onboarding steps, you both will receive $200 in scheduling fees. Free auctions are as easy as 1 - 2 - 3, and you earn rewards for referring a future Tophatter seller!

Any seller that creates referral accounts in a fraudulent manner will not be eligible for the referral program and may have their account suspended indefinitely.

Which online sellers are eligible for a referral?

To qualify, your referrals must not have sold on Tophatter before and complete the three steps listed above—that’s it! 

Refer a Seller Today!

We’re rewarding you for sharing Tophatter with your network. Create your unique registration link and start referring sellers today to earn free Scheduling Fees. This promotion is for a limited time, so don't wait! To confirm a referral or if you have have questions email us at:

To learn more and to stay-up-to-date with any policy changes, join our webinar tomorrow, April 15 at 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET. Register to attend now


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