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How to Create Product Listings that Grab Attention

Customers and businesses are realizing the convenience of buying and selling online. From the first to second quarter of 2019, eCommerce sales increased 4.2 percent.

Sellers, you can make the most out of this opportunity. Drive your conversions by creating product listings that grab attention.

You already know that you can use an eCommerce platform or marketplace - such as Tophatter - to reach new audiences. But to really drive those conversions, you need to think about your shopper's journey through the marketplace and create the strong touch-points that nurture them along your purchase funnel.

On Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers, some of those touch-points may seem beyond your control. But the areas where you can communicate your brand story - through product images and copy for product listings - are completely yours to optimize.

Read more to learn how to create a thoughtful product listing that will grab the attention of potential customers:


Include Clear and Accurate Product Titles

At a minimum, the title should tell shoppers what the product is and include the most important keywords. After all, the title is often the first thing your customers will see. 

Does your title include the following?

  • Name of the product
  • A brand name, if applicable
  • Characteristics, such as color, size, material, style, etc.
  • Parts and services included

On many eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, your title will also assessed by an algorithm (to know what your product actually is), so your most important keywords should be at the start of the title. 

To determine the keywords that are most appropriate for a given product title, think about its main benefits and features. Then use Google Keyword Planner to find adjacent keywords that shoppers are searching for.

Insider Tip: Shoppers are unlikely to read anything beyond the first couple of words, so don't list so many keywords that the title is confusing or hard to read. 


Examples of clear, helpful titles:

Apple Macbook 2.4GHZ 4GB RAM OS 2017 + Charger + WARRANTY

EVERLANE Women’' Sweater SM - Orange


Examples of confusing and vague titles:

New Winter Knitted Women Sweater Dresses Pullovers Zipper Long Sleeve Women Loose Warm

Gray women's sweater


A few final tips for product titles:

  • Don't use all caps - it can be hard to read and can be interpreted as aggressive
  • Don't spell out numbers - use the numerals instead
  • Don't include the price - you're wasting valuable real estate to explain the product
  • Don't mention any discounts or promotions - as they might change
  • Don't use symbols


Use High-Quality Product Images and Detailed Descriptions

Product listings and in-turn sales are, for the most part, highly image-driven. Customers will sometimes see the product image before they see or read the title. Use high-quality product images shot from a variety of angles and in various contexts to help increase your sales.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Get the right equipment to stage well-lit, consistent product images across your entire catalog
  • Showcase a variety of images for each product, including a shot that uses a human or familiar environment to contextualize the product
  • Use images with a minimum size of 1000 x 500 pixels to avoid graininess
  • Anticipate customer questions and objections with images that highlight a warranty, for example

After the title or image catches their interest, potential customers usually skim product descriptions. This is your chance to highlight exactly why (and how) your product will suit their needs.

Try to include as much information from the manufacturer as possible, such as ingredient lists, dimensions, and other specifications. Include the product’s condition (such as new or refurbished) in the description.

Insider Tip: Use this space to creatively point out the enticing features of the product. Be sure to use short sentences and, as a best practice, split the text up into small sub-sections with headers to avoid blocks of text.


Offer the Lowest Price Possible

Often the lowest price attracts customers' attention. On Tophatter, sellers can use auction campaigns to promote their products, and set competitive starting bids and shipping prices. Log into your seller account to start testing different prices and see which works best.


Add Shipping and Return Information

Customer service is especially important to build trust and loyalty. Shoppers want to know shipping costs, when they can expect to receive their orders, and what they can do if they aren't satisfied with a purchase. Customers also often compare shipping and return information before making purchasing decisions.

Include clear information about when items will ship, shipping costs, and requirements for returns. Let your customers know if you'll cover return shipping and how long they have to send something back. Be honest - accuracy is essential for building trust.


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Katrina Ballard is a communications manager in Washington DC. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and has written extensively on business professionalism, strategy, and more.


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