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Tophatter Category Holiday Guide - Apparel

Dressing for comfort is the vibe this season in the Tophatter Apparel Category.

For fall and winter, online holiday shoppers will be looking for matching pajama sets and stylish loungewear to keep everyone on their list cozy, comfortable, and looking cute.

When it comes to listing holiday apparel at Auction on Tophatter, your product descriptions will be crucial. You want to differentiate your holiday inventory with specific keywords and make it stand out so shoppers know which pieces will make the perfect gift.

Which keywords work best?

A simple sentence like "perfect for the holidays" or "makes a great gift" changes the way shoppers look at these hoodies:

Kobe Bryant hoodie holiday gift

The right product description can make a huge difference to your conversion rate and your overall Auction Campaign.

Log into your seller account now to update product descriptions, upload new product photos, and Schedule an Auction Campaign.


What is the top-selling Apparel on Tophatter?

Christmas might be the biggest holiday of the season, but you'll miss out if you focus on just December.

The holiday season starts in August and ends with New Year's, giving you plenty of time to tap into the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Apparel Categories.


Hottest Halloween Apparel on Tophatter:

  • Princess Outfits
  • Skeleton Gloves
  • Cosplay masks and headbands
  • Coordinated costumes for the family, including pet costumes
  • Costume ideas, including DIY costume sets
  • Themed tee shirts for kids and family

best-selling tee shirts

If these items are in your inventory, update your product descriptions now with keywords like "perfect Halloween costume" and "kids Halloween" to catch a shopper's eye.


Hottest Holiday Apparel on Tophatter:

  • Matching holiday pajama sets for family and pets
  • Comfort loungewear, including maxi dresses and tee shirts
  • Cozy layers, including sweatshirts, cardigans, and scarves
  • Face masks that make a statement

hottest holiday apparel

As mandatory lockdowns are still in effect, many big holiday events with family and friends are going to be canceled this year. Matching apparel is a way to bring everyone together, even if it's just for Zoom hangouts and Facebook photos.

Shoppers are looking for matching sets for everyone in the family, including their pets!

Update your holiday apparel listings with keywords like "matching sets" and "perfect for the whole family" to let shoppers know there's something for everyone in your Auction Campaign.

Remember—shoppers are likely to bid higher if you offer multiple items in one listing. Baby or Toddler 2-piece pajama sets are a big seller this year, but if you can get matching sets for mom, dad, grandma, big sister, and Fido too, you'll see a huge holiday boost in your sell rate and Average Selling Price.


Logistics Tips for the Tophatter Apparel Category

Apparel takes longer to produce than other types of merchandise, making it one of the most difficult Product Categories to ship on time. Plus, there's the added challenge of needing a variety of different sizes and colors to meet online holiday shopping demands.

Here's our advice - Order your inventory early.

Suppliers and manufacturers have their hands full around the holidays, which means you may not get stock in time. Be proactive and ask your supplier what their plans are. Start booking your stock now so you can receive it as soon as possible.

It's important to stock enough inventory for the holiday season, even more than you typically would cover any unforeseen spikes in demand.

If you want to avoid Incident Fees, your keywords will be important to your inventory, too. Especially if you're carrying multiple colors and sizes of the same item. Organize your holiday inventory by SKU with specific holiday keywords tied to specific items to ensure that the right items are shipped to the right customers.


Top Three Tips for the Tophatter Apparel Category

Tophatter is a discovery eCommerce marketplace, and shoppers visit our platform for inspiring holiday gift ideas.

Many shoppers are already shopping for the big fall and winter holidays. The easiest way to boost your online holiday sales is to get Apparel in front of shoppers as soon as possible.


Here's our advice for optimizing your apparel product listings:

1. List your apparel size chart and present accurate size details to prevent unnecessary returns. You can do this right on the product image and then expand on the information in your product listing:

size chart eCommerce listing

With the size chart right on the photo above, shoppers know exactly what to expect from your product and can order accordingly for anyone on their list.


2. Bundle apparel items and sell them as a set. Matching loungewear and pajama sets for the whole family are big this year as are themed costumes. Listing the whole set together means you can set a higher price, which can boost your ASP and drive sales.


3. Upsell and match Apparel products with complementary items in a Buy-One-Get-One feature. A pair of holiday socks that match the pajamas or a Halloween necklace to go with a costume are the kind of easy upsells to aim for. They make clear connections between your products, provide good value for shoppers, and boost your sell rate.


Become a Tophatter Seller Now

The only way to get ahead of the holiday competition is to Schedule an Auction ASAP. If you aren’t a seller yet, create an account now.

We expect online holiday shopping to increase by 12% this season. Tophatter is a unique discovery marketplace where shoppers come to discover new items, especially around the holidays.

Apparel is one of the hottest holiday categories in eCommerce right now, so don't miss out on your opportunity to get your inventory in front of customers first. Log in now to Schedule an Auction.

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