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Tophatter Category Holiday Guide - Holiday Jewelry & Fine Jewelry

Jewelry is the easiest eCommerce category to kick off this early in the season. Engagement rings and personalized necklaces are among the hottest holiday pieces, and we're covering all of the best-selling jewelry in this edition of the Tophatter Category Holiday Guide.

Right now is the perfect time to expand your Jewelry and Fine Jewelry inventory and woo shoppers with new items.

What is the best-selling Jewelry on Tophatter?

Engagement jewelry is always in, but shoppers are looking to add a little extra affection for everyone on their list.

Personalized necklaces, rings, and charm bracelets - especially initials - will speak volumes to friends, family members, and loved ones.

holiday gifts for friends

And women aren't the only people who covet jewelry during the holiday season. Men's rings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches see in an increase in sales at this time of year too.


Hottest Jewelry for the Holidays:

  • Pendant necklaces
  • Personalized rings, necklace, and charm bracelets
  • Statement necklaces with matching earrings
  • Christian and holiday-themed jewelry

best selling holiday jewelry

When in doubt, remember that the most popular style of jewelry is your best bet. Chunky chains and multi-layer necklaces will make a statement at auction, especially if you have eye-catching high-quality product images to promote them.


Eye-catching product images will be a key factor to drive up your sell rate and boost your Average Selling Price.

boost holiday jewelry sales

If you have giftable jewelry ready to go, log into your seller account now and create a Campaign. Selling jewelry at auction now will let you know which jewels in your inventory could use an optimized image and product listing, heading into peak buying season.


Are you selling Fine Jewelry? If your Jewelry falls under Tophatter specifications of our Fine Jewelry Category, Name Your Price Campaigns are a great way to sell for the price realization you want.


Not yet a seller on Tophatter? You can easily create an account with us here. Even if you're already on another eCommerce platform, Tophatter is a brand new way to reach new customers and sell multiple items that may not be performing well on other platforms.


How to Outshine the Competition in the Jewelry Category

1. Clear and concise product listings. Make sure your listing gives the customer a clear idea of what they are getting and what kind of materials the jewelry is made of.

Detailed product descriptions can go a long way, but you also want to be very accurate when explaining shipping information and delivery estimates. Even the earliest online holiday shoppers want their items to arrive in a timely manner.


2. Stock up your holiday jewelry inventory. You can guarantee faster shipping times when you have a full warehouse. Right now is plenty of time to get your holiday jewelry into a US warehouse so you can guarantee speedy delivery.

Make sure you are using a Tophatter supported carrier. If you don’t see your preferred carrier on our list, avoid using them during the holiday season.


3. Bundle holiday jewelry. Selling multiple pieces of jewelry in one listing can easily attract a shopper's attention. It's also more likely that they’ll bid at a higher price for multiple items, giving your ASP a holiday boost.

This seasons multi-layer necklaces and chunky chains are a great opportunity to sell multiple pieces at once, but you can easily attract higher bidders with a simple yet eye-catching statement piece, like the matching necklace and earring set below -

statement jewelry

Remember, your product images will be crucial to your sales in the Jewelry Category this holiday season. Take advantage of product photo templates, and check out what your fellow Tophatter sellers are doing to optimize their product listings and boost their sell rate.


Don't Hesitate - Schedule Holiday Jewelry at Auction ASAP

Online holiday shoppers are already looking for gifts, and Tophatter is the top eCommerce platform for inspiring gift ideas. Don't miss your chance to shine. Get your holiday jewelry in front of shoppers as soon as you can.

The sooner your Schedule an Auction, the sooner you can ship items out. Log into your account now to start a Holiday Jewelry Campaign before the competition gets fiercer.

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