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Tophatter Category Holiday Guide - Home Goods

Most holiday Home Goods start selling now in August, which gives shoppers time to explore new products and get new gift ideas. Tophatter sellers have the chance to get their Home products in front of online holiday shoppers early and stay ahead of the curve this holiday season.


What are the best-selling Home Goods?

The pandemic means that many people will be spending most - if not all - of the holidays at home.

From Halloween and Thanksgiving to Christmas, shoppers are looking for Home Goods that are going to brighten their home all season long. This includes home decor but also small appliances that are fun for families and roommates.


Hot Home Goods to Test Selling on Tophatter this Season:

  • Scented candles, aromatherapy, and incense
  • Holiday home decor, including string lights, and front door signs
  • Small appliances, including crockpots, rice cookers, and air fryers
  • Pet toys and accessories
  • Sleek storage containers and bins


Not sure which Home Goods to start selling? Start testing new products now! Log into your seller account and test new products in a Campaign.

Not a seller yet? Create an account now just in time for the holidays.

The sooner you start adding and testing new products the better. It will give you more time to see what your shoppers are looking for while holiday shopping online. You can then accurately predict sales volume, stock your warehouse appropriately, and test out different carriers.


Logistics Tips for the Tophatter Home Category

We recommend moving your Home Goods inventory to a U.S. warehouse in order to offer faster delivery and improve customer experience.

Shipping will play an integral role in your success during the eCommerce holiday season. Track packages and shipping times now so you can make the necessary changes and make sure your shoppers receive their items on time.

Shipping with Tophatter supported carriers is the only way to guarantee delivery. If you don't see your preferred carrier on our list, avoid using them during the holiday season.


How to Stand Out in the Home Category

Competition will be fierce this holiday season, and eCommerce sellers need to take advantage of every opportunity they have to optimize product listings and catch a shopper's attention -

Follow these three steps to boost your brand in Tophatter's Home Category:


1. Promote brand new products in your inventory by creating a Testing Auction Campaign This will help you find winning products and weed out the ones that are not suited for auction sales.

Larger items, especially appliances that are in high demand like air fryers, are perfect for Name Your Price Campaigns, which is a new selling format that allows you to control the final selling price of a product.


2. Develop more home decor product listings in the Home Category. Halloween and Christmas decorations are some of the best-selling products during the holiday season on Tophatter. Take another look at our list above!


Festive lanterns like the ones above, holiday string lights, decoration kits, stretchy spiderwebs, witch hats, Thanksgiving table runners, and Christmas fireplace decorations are among the most popular and best-selling home decor products during the online holiday shopping season.


3. Theme your product listings in different holiday styles. Giftables are of course paramount during this time. Reconsider your inventory through the lens of: will this be a good gift? If the answer is yes, upload those products!

Tophatter shoppers tell us time and time again, they come to Tophatter to discover gifts.


The Time is Now to Upload Holiday Decor & Gifts

Get your holiday products and gifts uploaded to your account now. We know shipping can be slow, so list those products early!

Shoppers are already coming to look for gifts and decor items. And with continued logistical strains, now is the time to start holiday sales.

Log into your account to Schedule an Auction and kick off the online holiday shopping season so shoppers are satisfied when their items arrive well ahead of these events.

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