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Tophatter Gives New Sellers 30-Days to Try Selling Commision Free

Beginning April 15, Tophatter is giving new merchants 30 days to try selling with no commission. For one month, merchants can test the marketplace risk free! Tophatter brings the customers—over 30M of them—and merchants bring their products! Sign up by April 30 to qualify for commission-free selling up to $10,000 until May 20. 

Whether you are a seasoned seller interested in trying a new eCommerce platform, or this is your first foray into online selling, come give Tophatter a try for your inventory. This opportunity extends to online sellers, DTC brands, and physical retailers everywhere who need a little extra support at this time. We know how businesses have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re hoping this opportunity helps you connect with shoppers in a brand new way. 

Right now, it’s more important than ever to connect with consumers. Shopping opportunities are limited, and selling online can boost your retail sales by 1000%. More and more consumers are turning to eCommerce platforms for everyday essentials, and as a way to pass the time and have some fun while stuck at home. Tophatter's discovery marketplace is built for shoppers to spend time, scrolling through what's for sale, instead of searching for a specific item. This retail style is a great opportunity to test inventory with millions of interested shoppers. 

The Basics to Selling on Tophatter

We sell a broad mix of products in our 90-second auction format. And across Tophatter, the commission level is the same for all categories: 9%.

In these unprecedented times, we are doing everything we can to support both sides of the marketplace, our shoppers and our sellers, so we are continually updating policies to meet current needs.

That's why we will now be reviewing all seller payouts at 30 days, instead of 60 days, to reward sellers that are meeting our performance benchmarks for faster payout cycles. Cutting the payout cycle review process in half, allows sellers to reinvest in their business faster.

Tophatter offers a ton of resources for new sellers so you can get started right away. Join our inaugural Weekly Seller Forum Webinar, Wednesday April 15 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET to learn more about selling on Tophatter. Check in with our Seller Hub for listing guidelines, seller policies, and our process for refunds and returns. Selling online with Tophatter has never been easier, and we are streamlining our processes to help retail sellers get online quickly.

If you're ready to go, sign up and start selling commission free on Tophatter today!

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