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Tophatter Holiday Category Guide - Beauty

Forget pacing the beauty aisles—holiday shoppers are online this year looking for the perfect beauty gifts. And Tophatter is the best discovery eCommerce marketplace for shoppers to find new gift ideas.

Get ready to start listing beauty products now with this edition of the Tophatter Category Holiday Guide!

Cosmetics, fragrances, beauty tools, and more are all performing well on our platform this month.

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Tophatter's Best-Selling Beauty Products

All things beauty and wellness are at the top of everyone's gift lists this year. With mandatory lockdowns in place, people are bringing the salon and spa to them. Beauty tools, including manicure kits and hair styling tools, are what online holiday shoppers are looking for.


Top Three Tophatter Holiday Beauty Products

  1. Cosmetics, with lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes being very strong performers
  2. Fragrances for him and her
  3. Beauty tools, including hair clippers and curling irons

best beauty gifts for 2020


Wellness is also on everyone's mind. Shoppers will be looking for ways to keep their loved ones healthy during this pandemic and flu season. Vitamin and CBD gummies and other supplements will do well in an Auction Campaign, and you can bundle these items together to raise your starting bid.


Top Three Tophatter Holiday Wellness Products

  1. CBD products are a staple all year long
  2. Paper and surgical masks
  3. Teeth whitening tools

best wellness gifts 2020


Beauty Product Bundles that Beat the Competition

Bundling products for online holiday shoppers is your secret weapon for growing your profits this season. Multiple items grouped together in bundles of two or three—like the CBD oil below—will provide as much value as possible upfront.

24k CBD oils

Bundling provides you with an opportunity to raise your listing price. Shoppers are likely to bid higher if you offer multiple items in one listing!

Looking for more opportunities to bundle?

Lipstick is another beauty product that is easy to bundle. Take a look at the listing below.

multiple lipstick colors for sale

There are six shades of lip color, which make excellent stocking stuffers for holiday shoppers who have multiple people on their list. All six shades of lip color are showcased, as well as the product itself so that shoppers can get an idea of the size and design.

Online holiday shoppers want to know exactly what they're getting from a seller. When you include more information upfront in your product description and photo, you're less likely to deal with online returns and incident fees.

Make sure your product listings are optimized and your product photos contain as much information as possible.

Product bundles are your opportunity to show off your holiday inventory to shoppers. If you're bundling manicure kits, make sure you show every piece your unique kit has to offer.

manicure sets

For example, the listing on the left includes every tool shoppers will receive in their order, all the way down to the USB charging cord. The listing on the right includes every tool and nail color.

Remember—auctions go fast on Tophatter.

Getting as much information as possible into your product listing makes it easier for shoppers to find what they're looking for. And the more you include in your bundles, the more online holiday shoppers will be willing to bid.


Start Scheduling Beauty Products Now

September is your month to shine! eCommerce trends show that online holiday shoppers are starting early this year and stocking up on products, decorations, and gifts for every holiday between now and New Year's.

If you have beauty product bundles ready to go, log in to your seller account now and Schedule an Auction Campaign. If you start Scheduling Auctions now, you could be eligible for bonuses, giveaways, and more in the coming New Year.

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