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Tophatter Holiday Category Guide: Electronics

Electronics is always one of the hottest categories during online holiday shopping, and this year is no different.

Shoppers are predicted to spend less than years past, and larger electronics like TVs and laptops may not see their usual sales.

This year, eCommerce sellers should focus on moving Electronics that are smart and fun.


What are the best-selling Electronics?

Last year, Apple AirPods were the top sellers in Electronics. And household gadgets are in high demand this year, too -

Top Electronics to Sell this Season on Tophatter:

  • Digital telescopes
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers
  • E-readers and tablets
  • LED shower heads
  • Charging hubs
  • Smart watches
  • Selfie lights
  • Wireless headphones
  • Car Accessories, incl. dash cams and car chargers
  • Phone Accessories, incl. cases, camera attachments, phone stands & more


Shoppers are thinking about gifts for children, family, and friends, and they are looking for more ways to stay connected online during social distancing.

Look out for household gadgets and accessories that make quarantining at home that much easier—and more fun!

Think about it - with families staying in this holiday season, people will be entertaining from home more than ever before. From wireless speakers to telescopes and LED shower heads that change color, people are going to be looking for the easiest ways to have the most fun indoors. And larger, more unique items like telescopes are the perfect items to sell via Name Your Price Campaigns, where you control the final selling price.


Looking for more ways to sell the latest Electronics? Social media offers a new perspective on which items are bound to sell.

As shoppers engage with one another online, they are shopping for the hottest gadgets that will make them stand out on social media. Selfie lights turn a basic Instagram post into a Likes machine, and a brand new pair of headphones could be the perfect gift for someone who took up listening to, or hosting, podcasts.


How to Stand Out in the Electronics Category

Optimizing your product listings is the easiest (and fastest) way to stand out from the competition this holiday season. The right products images can make or break your Auction Campaign, but you also want to be sure your product descriptions are as accurate as possible.

Do not exaggerate or mislead about a product's function or what's included with the purchase.


Our gamified platform encourages shoppers to bid and buy quickly, so your listings should accurately depict what they are bidding on. Exaggerations will lead to unhappy customers and increased Incident Fees.

Remember, shoppers are looking for the best online bargains this holiday season, so you don't need to oversell them.


Make sure all products come with clear instructions, written in English. New gadgets aren’t always the easiest to figure out, and shoppers will appreciate your attentiveness if you include an instruction manual with their purchase. This will also help reduce returns and increase the number of positive reviews on your product.


Airtight Logistics Are Key to Holiday Season Success

Managing logistics, especially when it comes to shipping the hottest holiday electronics from overseas, will continue to be an issue.

Our advice? Start stocking your warehouses now.


"Ensure you have plenty of stock easily accessible," advises Briana Dow, our head of Account Management. "We don't know what a second wave of the COVID-19 may look like and how this may once again disrupt logistics. If you purchase products from overseas, focus on getting those into US warehouses as soon as possible to avoid delays that may come up."


Having your products in the US, and possibly distributed across the country, could be a key differentiator in how you perform this holiday season against the competition.


Follow these steps now to make sure your warehouses and your preferred carriers are ready to take on the 2020 eCommerce holiday season:

  • Shipping with Tophatter supported carriers is the only way to guarantee delivery. If you don't see your preferred carrier on our list, avoid using them during the holiday season. Orders that are shipped with unsupported carriers are more likely to be refunded if buyers claim Item Not Received.
  • Use this time to test different carriers. Track packages and shipping times to see who is the fastest and most reliable. This way, you'll have enough time to make a backup plan in case a carrier isn't meeting your holiday standards.


Schedule Electronics at Auction Now

Get a head start on the eCommerce holiday season now by getting these new gadgets in front of your shoppers as soon as possible. Log in to your seller account now or sign up to sell and start testing these top Electronics with your shoppers.

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