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Tophatter Holiday Category Guides - Collectibles

Take advantage of Tophatter's discovery eCommerce platform by listing your collectibles at Auction.

Every year, shoppers come to Tophatter to discover new and fun gift ideas. You can increase your sell rate by listing collectibles as the perfect holiday gifts to give shoppers a new way of appreciating your products.

Right now is the perfect time to experiment with new products and optimized product listings to find a winning combo and elevate your eCommerce sales to the next level.


Tophatter's Best-Selling Collectibles

Online holiday shoppers spend a fair amount of their valuable time looking for the right collectibles and where to find them.


holiday superhero giftsIf they're shopping for someone with an existing collection, these items are always a welcome gift. Give your sell rate a boost by creating new listings for your collectibles just for the holiday season.


The most popular collectible on Tophatter is coins, but online holiday shoppers will also be on the hunt for new art prints and figurines, including Christmas-themed figurines and superheroes.


Hottest Collectibles on Tophatter

  • Coins
  • Art prints, especially film icons and musicians
  • Knives, swords, and sabers
  • Miniatures and figurines, including superheroes, vintage, and Christmas-themed

best holiday gifts

Coins are always a great find for avid collectors, and the longer they've been out of circulation the better and more competitive your listing will be.

Optimize collectible coin listings for the holidays with keywords like "perfect gift for the avid collector" or "the gift they've been searching for" to boost your Auction Campaigns.


Product Images Sell Volumes in the Collectible Category

Your product image matters in every category, but they are even more important in Collectibles, because it is one of the most competitive categories.

Stage your product photos in an effective way to properly convey the most vital information about the product. This is key to driving sales and making a good impression on holiday shoppers.


The perfect product image with the perfect price will result in the perfect sale.

How are our top sellers doing it?

Take a look:

coin collection auctions

Each product set is showcased, and it is clearly stated that the bidders will only receive one set per win. The mint dates are listed too, and the products are clearly described as "uncirculated" and "authentic" with tips for shoppers to "look for silver proof and mint sets".

It is entirely possible to include as much information as you can on a product photo without taking away from the product itself.

Including information on your collectible photos will also free up space in your product description for important notes about shipping details and delivery times.


Logistics Tips for the Tophatter Collectible Category

This is one of the most competitive categories, and you want to deliver to your customers on time for the holidays so no one misses out on the gifts they want the most.

We recommend ordering your inventory as soon as possible.

Get ahead of your inventory needs now by getting in touch with your suppliers now to make sure they have the Collectibles your shoppers are looking for.

If you can, get your items into an American warehouse ASAP. With the global pandemic and postal issues slowing down delivery in the States, you want to be as prepared as possible to meet the needs of online holiday shoppers.


Ready to Schedule Your Collectibles at Auction?

Log into your seller account now to list your Collectibles in an Auction Campaign. Make sure your product images are as up to date as possible and list vital shipping information in your product descriptions.

Remember—the more Auctions you Schedule in September, the more likely you are to win $250 in Scheduling Fees! Check out this post for more details on our September Seller Sweepstakes.

Not sure how to Schedule an Auction? Create a seller account now and we’ll help you get started!

We are always available to answer seller questions, and we can help you navigate our unique eCommerce platform so you can make the most out of your holiday sales.

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