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The Tophatter Holiday Category Guides: Tips to Prepare for and Maximize Sales through the Holiday Season

You already know that holiday shopping will look a little different this year. More people will turn to online shopping to avoid crowded stores, but people will also be spending less than years past.

To get ahead of holiday shopping, many people are starting early and focused on winning the best deals.

Online holiday shoppers are looking for deals right now, and sellers like you are strategically poised to give discount shoppers the exact items they're looking for.

When shoppers visit Tophatter's unique discovery eCommerce platform to get gift ideas, you have the chance to get ahead of the game. Make sure you've got the right items at the right price before the holiday season officially starts on other eCommerce marketplaces.


How can eCommerce sellers prepare for the 2020 holiday season?

Take our advice:


If this sounds counter-intuitive, that's because it is.

At Tophatter we know that going against the grain is the only way to make this holiday season count. Focus on your online holiday shoppers early to mitigate shipping costs and help you stay on top of your holiday inventory.

Want to learn more?


This month, Tophatter will be publishing more tips for our sellers across all of our product categories to help you prepare and win this holiday season. We will be sharing data trends, ways to grow your sales, logistics tips, and more.


Not a seller yet? Become a Tophatter seller now, then stay tuned over the next couple of days for our Tophatter Category Holiday Guides.

We're sharing guides for Apparel, Home, Health & Beauty, Jewelry, Collectibles, and more. Start your online holiday shopping sales early to make the most of this challenging year:

  • Check out the Holiday Electronics Guide to see which gadgets are the hottest this season. Read now for tips on testing new electronics with an Auction Campaign and how to avoid online returns.
  • Take a look at our Home Goods Guide. Holiday home decor and string lights are among the hottest selling items on this list. Read now for tips on how to update your home good product listings for the holidays.
  • Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts this season, and our Holiday Jewelry Guide lists which accessories shoppers are looking for. Read the guide for tips on how to bundle jewelry and increase your sell rate.
  • Holiday keywords can change the way shoppers look at your apparel products. Scroll through the Holiday Apparel Guide for ideas on how to refresh your product listings without buying a brand new inventory.
  • Coins, figurines, and other hot collectibles are at the top of everyone's list this holiday. Check out the Holiday Collectible Guide for tips on how to update your product listings to be more competitive in this Tophatter category. 
  • Beauty products make the best stocking stuffers during the holiday season. Take a look at our Holiday Beauty & Wellness Guide for tips on how to bundle beauty products together as the perfect holiday gifts.


Tophatter's Top Three Tips for the Holiday Season

1. Think ahead. People are already putting together their lists and making holiday purchases.

"Now is the time to focus your resources into discovery marketplaces and retailers where shoppers are already buying holiday gifts and decor," says Menon. "Shoppers are less concerned about the hottest brands. Instead, they look for lower cost unbranded versions of trending items."

Advice from Tophatter top sellers is always to test different items at different price points to see which ones get the best response. Start testing new products now to see what is grabbing Shopper's attention.


2. Perfect your pricing strategy. Price will have a big influence over what shoppers are willing to buy this holiday season. On Tophatter, people will be bidding for the best deal on the best products, and you'll be a step ahead of your competitors if your online pricing strategy can deliver the best deal before Black Friday.


3. Prepare your inventory. Briana Dow, Head of Account Management at Tophatter, has some special advice for sellers and their inventory:



Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, you can still achieve the high volume associated with the Q4 holiday season if you follow our advice. Subscribe to our blog now so you don’t miss a single entry in our Tophatter Category Holiday Guides.


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