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How to Mark an Order as Shipped on Tophatter

How to guarantee delivery from an eCommerce marketplace starts by marking each order as shipped. When you mark an order as shipped from your Tophatter seller account, it generates a tracking number.

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How to Avoid INR Fees and Guarantee Your eCommerce Deliveries

Want to reduce the number of shipping related refunds and fees on your Tophatter seller account? Take advantage of our last mile tracking! When you mark your order as shipped, you'll be given a tracking number that makes it easy for you to follow your orders and guarantee delivery. It's the easiest way to avoid Item Not Received (INR) fees and other Incident Fees.

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How to Reduce Online Returns and Avoid Incident Fees

You can't run a successful online business unless you know how to handle customer returns. Shoppers trust eCommerce sellers to ship their products correctly and on time, but returns and exchanges are unavoidable.

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How to Unlock the Free Shipping Formula

In a world where online shoppers are signing up for Amazon Prime simply for the free shipping, eCommerce merchants better listen up. This is a special edition of our Tophatter Seller Education Series.

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How to Efficiently Approach Inventory Management by SKU

Inventory management is one of the most important ways you can eliminate costly mistakes and maximize profits. Here's a quick reminder of how SKUs and UPCs serve online business owners and how you can better manage SKUs to optimize our warehouse efficiency practices.

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Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your eCommerce Warehousing Strategy

Sellers need an eCommerce warehousing strategy that keeps up Tophatter's fast-paced auctions. Are you ready to whip your eCommerce warehouse into shape? Get started now with some of our warehousing best practices.

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Industry Leader Series: An Interview With Cody DeArmond From ShipStation

For online merchants, the order fulfillment process is a critical opportunity to build customer loyalty and retention. Meeting - and exceeding - your customers' expectations is always a priority, but fulfilling orders can pose a logistical challenge, especially if you're selling on multiple platforms and doing everything manually.

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7 Strategies to Make the Most Out of eCommerce Returns

Do you have a strategy in place to make the most out of your eCommerce inventory turnover? If not, don't worry. Here's the deal -  

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How to Grow Your Business with Alternative eCommerce Delivery Strategies

Selling online isn’t as easy as it looks, but you’re nailing it! Your product listings are finally generating the type of sales you’re seeking, and now it’s time to pay it forward. Give back to your customers. Start looking beyond Fulfillment by Amazon, and thrill your customers with an alternative eCommerce delivery strategy. 

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