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It's Time to Update Your Product Descriptions

Break out of the box of conventional marketing. Product descriptions are your new secret weapon. Update yours now to build a brand voice, increase your conversions, and make you more competitive online.

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How to Leverage Keywords and Optimize Your Product Listings

Using robust keywords is critical for your pages and product listings on every eCommerce marketplace. Here's how you can leverage keywords in your product listings to rank higher in online searches and attract customers to your online store.

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How the Right Product Shots Can Help You Drive Sales

More and more consumers are choosing to trade an in-store shopping experience for one that can be done from anywhere. Customers are increasingly using their smartphones for shopping, accessing more options than ever before. As a seller, you already know that using images in your product listing will help customers sort through information overload and choose the items that best address their wants and needs.

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How to Attract the Perfect Customer with Our Free Product Description Template

Selling on an eCommerce platform means you only have a few touchpoints to truly customize and connect with your customers. Your product descriptions are one of them. We have a free product description template to help you write creative product descriptions that attract return customers.  If you aren’t using creative product descriptions to target your ideal costumer, you're missing out on one of the biggest touchpoints in eCommerce.

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4 Ways to Drive More Sales with Optimized Product Listings

Are you looking for simple strategies to boost your online sales? While there are many ways to achieve that goal, one of the areas that many retailers overlook is product listing optimization. We refer to this as a product feed, which is the method of which your data is sent to the shopping channel or marketplace where you want your products listed

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How to Create Product Listings that Grab Attention

Customers and businesses are realizing the convenience of buying and selling online. From the first to second quarter of 2019, eCommerce sales increased 4.2 percent. Sellers, you can make the most out of this opportunity. Drive your conversions by creating product listings that grab attention.

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