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Third Annual Tophatter Gifting Survey Data Revealed

The third annual Tophatter Gifting Survey results were announced today, shedding light into what consumers are thinking about this holiday season. The survey polled 1081 people aged 18-60 in the United States about their holiday shopping plans and how the COVID-19 Pandemic will impact purchasing habits and gift exchange traditions.  The survey covers what categories shoppers plan to spend the most in, how the current economy will impact their holiday purchases, what attracts them most to retailers, and more. Keep reading to learn what consumer plans will impact the retailer and sellers this holiday season. Discovery shopping still reigns supreme Almost 75% of respondents like to discover some or all of their holiday gifts, rather than shop with a list. Tophatter's feed of interesting products is perfect for holiday shoppers who enjoy scrolling until something catches their eye and then purchasing it through one of the gamified shopping experiences.  “Gift buying, and holiday shopping in particular, should not be a burden. With so many people feeling the strain of 2020, they want to bring joy to their loved ones with special gifts, but don't want to overspend,” said Sree Menon, COO of Tophatter. “It’s no surprise that the majority of people like discovering gifts when holiday shopping. Discovery shopping is designed for people to find unique products and score great deals—and the thrill of the treasure hunt makes shopping fun rather than work. We’ve all handled enough this year. I say, throw out the detailed list and find experiences that bring joy to your holiday shopping.” eCommerce Continues to Grow People plan to make an average of 67% of holiday purchases online this year—compared to the average of 56% of purchases they reported making online last year. The continued growth of eCommerce follows a trajectory, accelerated by COVID-19.   Read the full results of our survey below.

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Tophatter Holiday Category Guide - Beauty

Forget pacing the beauty aisles—holiday shoppers are online this year looking for the perfect beauty gifts. And Tophatter is the best discovery eCommerce marketplace for shoppers to find new gift ideas. Get ready to start listing beauty products now with this edition of the Tophatter Category Holiday Guide!

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Tophatter Holiday Category Guides - Collectibles

Take advantage of Tophatter's discovery eCommerce platform by listing your collectibles at Auction. Every year, shoppers come to Tophatter to discover new and fun gift ideas. And their favorite part about online holiday shopping is discovering new gifts for their loved ones. You can increase your sell rate by listing collectibles as the perfect holiday gifts to give shoppers a new way of appreciating your products.

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Tophatter Category Holiday Guide - Apparel

Dressing for comfort is the vibe this season in the Tophatter Apparel Category. For fall and winter, online holiday shoppers will be looking for matching pajama sets and stylish loungewear to keep everyone on their list cozy, comfortable, and looking cute.

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Tophatter Category Holiday Guide - Holiday Jewelry & Fine Jewelry

Jewelry is the easiest eCommerce category to kick off this early in the season. Engagement rings and personalized necklaces are among the hottest holiday pieces, and we're covering all of the best-selling jewelry in this edition of the Tophatter Category Holiday Guide.

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Tophatter Category Holiday Guide - Home Goods

Most holiday Home Goods start selling now in August, which gives shoppers time to explore new products and get new gift ideas. Tophatter sellers have the chance to get their Home products in front of online holiday shoppers early and stay ahead of the curve this holiday season.

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Tophatter Holiday Category Guide: Electronics

Electronics is one of the hottest categories during the holidays, and this year is no different. Shoppers are predicted to spend more online this year, but larger electronics may not see their usual sales. This year, eCommerce sellers should focus on moving Electronics that are smart and fun.

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The Tophatter Holiday Category Guides: Tips to Prepare for and Maximize Sales through the Holiday Season

You already know that holiday shopping will look a little different this year. More people will turn to online shopping to avoid crowded stores, but people will also be spending less than years past. To get ahead of holiday shopping, many people are starting early and focused on winning the best deals.

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