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All You Need to Know about Tophatter Payout Methods

eCommerce sellers can choose more than one way to be paid out on Tophatter. However, it's important to know that each payout method has different fees depending on where your eCommerce business is located, and many Tophatter payout methods are country dependent.

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How to Mark an Order as Shipped on Tophatter

How to guarantee delivery from an eCommerce marketplace starts by marking each order as shipped. When you mark an order as shipped from your Tophatter seller account, it generates a tracking number.

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How to Avoid INR Fees and Guarantee Your eCommerce Deliveries

Want to reduce the number of shipping related refunds and fees on your Tophatter seller account? Take advantage of our last mile tracking! When you mark your order as shipped, you'll be given a tracking number that makes it easy for you to follow your orders and guarantee delivery. It's the easiest way to avoid Item Not Received (INR) fees and other Incident Fees.

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Product Optimization is the #1 Factor to Success on Tophatter

Have you optimized your product listings yet? Optimization is key to selling successfully at Tophatter. Learn how to optimize your product listings in this special edition of the Tophatter Seller Education Series.

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How to Reduce Online Returns and Avoid Incident Fees

You can't run a successful online business unless you know how to handle customer returns. Shoppers trust eCommerce sellers to ship their products correctly and on time, but returns and exchanges are unavoidable. Why do Shoppers return products in the first place?

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How to Leverage Incident Fees to Improve the eCommerce Customer Experience

Empathizing with and responding quickly to poor customer experiences is the strongest way to build your reputation on any eCommerce marketplace. But what if there was a way you could improve your customer experience immediately and avoid customer complaints?

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How to Unlock the Free Shipping Formula

In a world where online shoppers are signing up for Amazon Prime simply for the free shipping, eCommerce merchants better listen up. This is a special edition of our Tophatter Seller Education Series.

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Upgrade Your eCommerce Strategy with Insider Tips from Tophatter's Top Sellers

Ready for the inside scoop?

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