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It's Time to Update Your Product Descriptions

Break out of the box of conventional marketing.

Product descriptions are your new secret weapon. Update yours now to build a brand voice, increase your conversions, and make you more competitive online.

How do you write product descriptions that really work?

To be honest, it involves a lot more than just slapping on your typical marketing fodder. Things like "perfect for holiday gift-giving" at Christmas aren't going to work anymore.

You need to follow these inside tips for writing better product descriptions:


Build Your Brand Voice

That's right. Most people limit their focus to specs and keywords. You aren't most people. At this level of eCommerce, you must create rich, creative product descriptions in a distinct and recognizable voice.

how to build a brand voice

Shoppers find comfort in consistency. It builds brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

If your brand voice comes with a little wit, a quality oath, a story, or something special, include it in EVERY product description. For seasonal sales, just adapt the description for the season without losing your brand voice.


Tell a Story

How many product descriptions do you see that are nothing more than boring lists of specs? With those out-of-place phrases that were clearly written to get those keywords in there?

Way too many.

It's time to break the mold.

product description writing

Here are some proven product description strategies you can’t neglect as an eCommerce seller:


Storytelling Product Description Example

Start describing features instead of just listing them.

Rather than saying a camera is "hands-free," tell a story about what it's like to take hands-free photos. Help shoppers visualize the product in their life better than a list ever could. Like this - 

"Stop taking selfies that look like selfies and glow up on your feed like you're followed around by paparazzi." 

Product description writing that tells a story can work for seasonal positioning, too. Consider adjusting the product shots to show epic selfies in all four seasons. Or switch to GQ Santa selfies for the holiday

That's not your only option. You can use stats, science, even humor for your products. Everyone loves a good joke. And everyone loves to retell a good joke.

Humorous Product Description Example

Years ago, a coffee shop's social media post went viral. It was a picture of the shop's sandwich board for the day, bearing the message, "Come in and have what one online reviewer called 'the worst cup of coffee she had in her life'."

It was the best sales day in the shop's history.

People were walking up to the counter to ask for the worst cup of coffee ever. They were posting pictures and telling friends about the humorously marketed bad cup of coffee. Suddenly coffee drinkers were coffee shop tourists.

This same marketing message worked for a cafe in Harlem selling salads.

Why does this work?

Because anytime you can make a claim, whether funny, evocative or simply factual, customers WILL notice.

Update your product descriptions with a creative story only you can tell. Or use a story from one of your customers - good or bad! Product description writing is your chance to let your customers in on the story.


Capitalize on Chatter

There are always the obvious seasonal and holiday sales. It's up to you to look for any opportunity to join the online chatter and get your brand into the conversation.

online marketing strategies

Think about it -

Summer is a great time to push T-shirts, and Independence Day is the perfect time to get those graphic tees off the shelf.


Now think outside the box - 

Are there any other summer events that get the internet chattering?


Shark Week is the perfect example of a product description writing opportunity that comes around every year. Shark Week brings about predictable chatter about fishing, boating, surfing, marine safety, Megalodon, dinosaurs, marine conservation, and more.

If the chatter is already happening, your internet marketing is being done for you.

You just need to put your related products in front of the customers who are participating in the discourse. Here's how - 


The Top 3 Online Marketing Questions to Ask

  1. What topics are currently staying top of mind with consumers?
  2. Where are they having these conversations?
  3. Which products can I put in front of them that will relate to their current interests?

With the answers to these these questions, you'll be able to update your product descriptions for every kind of event.


Tap Into Buyer Psychology

People love feeling like they're in on the secret. It creates a comforting sense of belonging, which taps into a deep sense of personal self-worth.

While rookie eCommerce merchants are listing specs, you can boost your online sales by tapping into buyer psychology and consumer desires.

buyer psychology, boost online sales

Secret-sharing is a proven way to speak to consumer desires and attract new customers, especially around the New Year.

Here's how to write a product description two different ways - 

"Pssst. Don't tell anyone, but this is next year's model. Shhhh. Get it now before the rest of your friends!"


"Hey, you! This special edition pastel color series is only available for a few weeks. Then it's back to prime colors forever. Stand out now before your favorite pastels are gone."



It's Time to Update Your Product Descriptions

While other eCommerce merchants are copying and pasting product descriptions from manufacturers, experienced online business owners understand that any busy season is the best time to write creative product descriptions.

Update your product descriptions with your brand voice, humorous and creative storytelling, and incorporate consumer behavior psychology tactics like these and you’ll have the edge you need to be competitive in the eCommerce marketplace.


Michelle Lievense is a long-time business and marketing consultant who enjoys helping businesses and brands, particularly through her writing as well as crafting and implementing successful business strategies. When she isn't tapping on her keyboard, she's hiking the Colorado Rocky Mountains with her dog, snuggling next to her cat with a favorite book, volunteering, skiing, or scuba diving.

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